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Quest: The Great Cookie Caper!



Age Requirement:  Wyngling

Other Requirements: None

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: Thistle tells the tale of an urban legend around the Nook.... The Great Cookie Jar! Your wyngro must decide how to prepare for this epic tale of amazing scrumptious cookies! Can they complete this epic quest?


cookiejar sticker.png


gurp sticker.png

Thistle: I pwesent to you now... Da legend… of da Gweat Cookie Jar!

She waves her fluffy, chubby paws around mysteriously to emphasis the mysterious nature, awaiting Oooos and Ahhhhs from the crowd listening. She clears her throat.

Thistle: Handed down from wyngling to wyngling, it tells of da tale of cookies so good, so sugary, and so dewicious… that only a fabled few ever get to taste them. EVER.

She eyeballs you for dramatic effect.

Thistle: Some say… that da cookie jar can be reached by balancing several wynglings on top of each other. Some say, it’s better to go alone to avoid suspishun… and that way you can get all da cookies for yourself…

With shifty eyes, she glances around at different wynglings.

Thistle: Some say da cookie jar only contains gross prunes as a cruel prank by Alma mum!


But to dis day… that jar sits up on the highest shelf in da kitchen, taunting wynglings for generations, longing to be reached. The jar known only as… The Great Cookie Jar!


The end!

Thistle grins and looks very proud of herself, expecting applause.

Rules for Questing:

Once your drawing is submitted, the quest continues! You'll need to choose one path to take! Click below to choose your fate!

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