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Quest: The Great Cookie Caper!

(Step 2)

The idea of yummy cookies intrigues you, but you decide not to listen to Thistle's story. 

Instead, you ask Alma mum if you can have a cookie. 

Alma: Hmm? You want a cookie? Well sure little one! 

But first... you'll have to earn it! Here...

She hands you a broom to sweep the floor with. (Or some other miscellaneous chore) 

Well... it may be hard work, but hopefully you'll be rewarded at the end! 

Alma: Fabulous! This is looking great! Nice work. 

I think you've earned a reward from "The Great Cookie Jar", don't you think? 

She winks at you as she reaches into the jar. Your eyes sparkle as she pulls out the most delicious looking chocolate chip cookie you've ever seen. Wow... it smells heavenly after breaking a sweat doing chores. 

Alma: I bet this will taste extra yummy after doing such a good job on your chore! Enjoy, my child!

Now that's one scrumptious cookie! Well done! ...But you hear a whisper behind you as you munch away.

Thistle: Pffftttt. Lame! Where's your sense of ADVENTURE?!

Ms. Netty: .....

Thistle: Oh.... Hi mommy... How long ya been dere?

Rules for Questing:



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Once your piece has been submitted, don't forget to pick up your rewards to the left! 


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