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Make a Fishin’ Rod!


Age Requirement:  Adult

Other Requirements: Must have 100 Wyns

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: If you want to begin a career as a fisher-gro, you’re going to need a fishing rod! It doesn’t seem Gilligan has any to spare, but Chester is willing to build one for you! The catch is: you have to go get the wood for the rod yourself!



Gilligan: Wha? Ya want me ta teach ye the ways of fishin’? Well now whipper snapper, that’s somethin’ I can do! Just grab yer rod n’--

Gilligan: Wha’? What now? Ya don’t have a fishin’ rod yet? Blimey, kids these days. When I was yer age I’d already built 33 rods ‘n busted 37 of ‘em from fishin’ too much!

Well, first things first: Before I kin teach ya anythin’, ya need ta get yerself a rod! An’ ye CAN’T just take any old stick ‘n attach string ta it either! Huh, if I had a coin for everytime some gro’s tried that I’d be livin’ in a palace instead o’ a shack, heheheh*hack*heh!


Gilligan: Anyways... ye, go talk ta Chester if ye need help buildin’ one. (Watch out though, he’s a grizzled old-timey stump! ...Not like me at all!

Rules for Questing:

Once your drawing is submitted, the quest continues!

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