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Quest: Make a Fishin’ Rod! (Pt. 2)

You wander to the farmlands, over to a very large, but practical house near the country-side of Wynsiph. You’re a little intimidated to approach the big burly winged Chester, but the urge to fish is strong within your veins for some reason today.

Chester: Fishing rod? Wanna torture yourself with old Gill’s company, eh? Well, you’ll need to get some proper wood for it, so that means a long trek in the forest. I’d recommend getting a good, sturdy branch from a banded bow tree. That wood’s always strong, and’ll serve you well as a solid rod. Though, it’ll be a bit heavy. 


Maple: Ohhhh, but dear! If they want a rod that will really stand out from the crowd, they should get a karmik tree branch! Anything from those trees always has a bit of extra zest~

Banded Bow

Availability: Common

banded bow tree.png
karmik tree.png

Availability: Rare

Chester: *huff* If by ‘zest’ you mean bad luck and unfortunate end, you’re right, dear.

Now, another proper bit of wood for a fishing rod could come from a floaty fruit tree. It’s a light, flexible wood that won’t snap easy. Though the unique bend it’ll have will take some getting used to.


Maple: Ohohoho, but that’s all superstitious nonsense, old man! And everyone knows that any wyngrew willing to uproot a fisher bean bush to use as a fishing rod will sure lure all the big fat fish right into their lap~!

Floaty Fruit Tree
floaty fruit tree.png

Availability: Common

Fisher Bean Bush

Availability: Common

fisher beans.png

Chester: Who you calling old, ya ancient woman! It ain’t superstitious-- it’s fact! And who has the time to go around digging up bushes?


Chester: But a clover tree, now there’s some wood! Blue wood, actually, and it’ll resist water damage naturally better than any other tree out there. But you’ll have to go all the way to the coast if you want it. (Or pay a pretty penny for an import from Cresport. Waste of coin if you ask me.)



Maple: Ah yes, blue! The best color rod anyone could ask for, and my favorite color! Chester, why don’t we go to the beach more often? Hey honey, *she sidles up to you with a wink* How bout you and I do some seaside strolling while you’re out getting that hard, hard wood~? 

Chester: *long sigh* How many times have I asked. Can we not do this in front of the customers?


Clover Tree
clover tree.png

Availability: Uncommon

So many choices! Which kind of rod will your wyngro choose to get?

Rules for Questing:






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