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Quest: Egg-napped!


Age Requirement:  Adult

Other Requirements: None

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: Oh no! Alma says that an egg has been stolen! Your gro must venture into the Fickle Forest to find the missing egg! Draw your Wyngro out on the search for it! They could be following clues, talking to Alma, running through the woods-- be creative!


egg sticker.png

Alma: Oh, hello there! Come to visit the Nook have you? We’re always open for visits! Oh, you saw my post on the quest board?

Alma:  Unfortunately, eggs are somewhat valuable and it’s a sad world we live in when gros feel the need to break in and STEAL THEM.

Alma: This figure was a shifty one for sure. They snuck out through the window and darted off with an egg in a knapsack. I’m at such a loss when this stuff happens… I’m a terrible tracker and Russell is currently off on duty somewhere…

She holds her forehead in distress before you tap her on the shoulder.

Alma: Wait.. what? You’re willing to help? Oh goodness thank you! I think the egg-napper went towards the Fickle Forest. That’s south of here. Have a look that way and please bring that poor egg back as soon as you can! Be weary though, as spites linger outside of those woods. I’d hate to see you get hurt!

Rules for Questing:

Once your drawing is submitted, the quest continues!

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