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Quest: Egg-napped!

(Step 2!)

You wander past the borders of the Fickle forest, hoping to find the egg that was stolen from the Nook. 

However... you notice it's starting to get a bit dark. You think about turning back to try again another day... but just then...

The egg! Oh and it's the same colors Alma described too! Thank goodness! You pick it up gently and make your way back through the darkening woods, no idea how deep you are now... but something whispers in back of you. 

You turn to look, but see nothing. Must have just been the leaves?

But as you begin moving along, you swear you could have seen a figure out of the corner of your eye. 

Except it's gone when you look back to confirm...

You've heard of spites before, but surely the Nova Tree will protect you!

You can't have gone that far away from the town, right..? 

Oh dear... Those eerie whispers... You can almost make out words to them...

*whisper whisper* 

Ssssso lossst.... alone...

Aghhh!! Creepy! 

You're not sure how, but your legs start moving at such a speed to get the heck out of there that before you know it, you've arrived back in town! 

Oh phew... What a relief. It's time to head back to the Nook and get this egg safely back to Alma. 

Alma: Oh hello there, you're back! 

It's a bit late. Don't feel bad if you need to wait until tomorrow to--

She noticed the egg you're holding and gasps, quickly taking it from you.

Alma: Wow... you found it! I don't know how I can ever thank you. ..Wait I know! 

This is my renowned Bleckuberry Pie. I know it looks simple, but I've been told I've created some addicts with this recipe, hehe. So please help yourself to it. 

You deserve it!

That.... smells amazing. 

Rules for Questing:



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Once your piece has been submitted, don't forget to pick up your rewards to the left! 


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