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Quest: Big Mama's Mountain



Age Requirement: Adult

Other Requirements: Travel Unlocked.

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: Rumours speak of a beautiful gorge that lives high on top of a volcano named "Big Mama". Rumor has it, if you can make the climb to visit her, she might give you some of her "treasure". Well, it can't hurt to try! 

Steps: 2



You’ve been traveling for days now and sit down to take a sip from your canteen. It's been a while since you've stumbled upon a town of any sort, and your legs have grown tired from so many days spent out in the wilderness. This is no-gro's land, and without a lot of water and trees around, you briefly contemplate turning back towards Last Notch at this rate. 

As you get lost in your thoughts, you look up towards the mountains in the distance. One isolated mountain stands out to you, and you can almost make out a hole in the face of it… is there a cave at the top of the winding path coiled around this mysterious mountain? 

You didn't even realize you'd voiced this question out-loud, until somebody smacks you on the back and scares the tar out of you.


Dezzmar: Well now there's a familiar face! Wondering about that lonely mountain, are ye? 

After gathering yourself, you take a breath of relief-- it's only Dezzmar, the traveling cartographer. Whew. What's he doing way out here? He sure seems to pop up whenever the moment calls for him.

He stretches before plopping down to take a seat beside you, throwing an arm around your shoulder to point out the mountain all 'mysteriously'.


Dezzmar: That over there… that's Big Mama's Mountain, that is!

Wondrous, you ask who on Ennth is Big Mama?


Dezzmar: You don't know who the great and mighty Big Mama is?!

Shaking your head no, Dezzmar seems to fall back into a mysterious nostalgia as he recounts his past experiences.


Dezzmar: Big Mama is the finest of ladies! And they don't call her BIG Mama for nothin'! She HUGE!  

You squint, confused, imagining a Wyngro who's eaten far too many pona bops.


Dezzmar: No no no, I mean, REALLY huge! ...She's a gorge!

You open your mouth to express "Ohhhh!" Wow, a gorge! You haven't seen many (if any) of that kind of wyngro before! You've heard that they're a very prideful species of wyngro, keeping mostly to themselves. It sure would be cool to see one, especially with rumors of them collecting treasure and rare jewels.


Dezzmar: And by gorge I mean… GORGE-ous!

Dezzmar seems to be lost in his own little world. You ask what's so special about this Big Mama already. And more importantly, does she have treasure?


Dezzmar: Oh does she ever! Big Mama loves anything that sparkles and shines. Sometimes, if you really turn up the charm, she might gift you with something from her collection. 

Your ears perk up at the sound of that. Treasure? Yes please. You ask how you can go up and try your luck.


Dezzmar: You want to try and--


Dezzmar: HAH! Fat chance! But go ahead kiddo, I ain't gonna stop ya! Just don't blame me if you come back broken-hearted! (Or broken-boned… yeah my sacrum still hasn't healed from the last time)

You tilt your head and ask what he means.


Dezzmar: …..!


Dezzmar: Ya know what? Don't worry about it pal! Just head over to that mountain and look for the path that leads up and around it. It's quite perilous, but I have faith in ya! Watch out for collapsing ledges, and falling rocks, and venomous sneebs, and sudden dust storms, and the occasional sageistro… Yeah, you got this!


Here, I'll even mark it on your map for you.


You take a gulp. All that for a possible piece of treasure, huh? But Dezzmar is pushing you off and you don't seem to have anything else on your agenda so… let's go?

Rules for Questing:

Once your drawing is submitted, the quest continues!

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