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Quest: Best Friends Forever 
(Part 2)

Your new Noc, nursed back to health and gently brought out of a frightened, shy shell, is now your constant companion. They refuse to leave your side. And with how you found them, it’s easy to see their last traumatic separation likely has a lot to do with the extra-clingy Noc behavior. 

You can’t find it in your heart to discourage the behavior, especially since it's been a long while since you’ve had anything (or anyone) care so much about having your attention. 

Or perhaps you do discourage the behavior, but this noc just keeps showing up behind you no matter what. Sneaky little devil, ain’t he?


Noc: Oohk-baa!

The new attention of other wyngrew at your rare and highly desired pet is not all positive. Those jealous of your new friend accuse you of stealing them.
Some say you’re an idiot for picking it up in the woods, and even threaten to tattle on you to Russell. 

But it’s easy to ignore with the noc’s warm arms embracing your neck: its’ favorite place seems to be nestled right on your shoulders, getting a piggyback ride. Your little friend’s pleased coo’s at the nice weather and colorful stop signs make it easier to ignore the nagging headache you’ve been nursing for a few days now, and the itching deep in your throat. You must be catching that cold that’s going around.


Rudy: There you go, a bag of cough drops and 3 packets of tea! You sure are looking kinda peaked there. Maybe you should see Dr. F. if this doesn’t get better soon...

Days go by.


You keep feeling worse, despite having plenty of bedrest and trying to take it easy.


You don’t know what makes you feel worse: the bitter nausea in your stomach when wyngrew point out you look as bad as you feel, or the lonely ache when some don’t seem to notice at all. Or the literal aches all over your body. Or maybe just all 3.


At least you still have your noc, who’s never far from your side and never judging.


???: Oh honey, are you alright? You look a little pale ...


???: Say pal, you don’t look so good. Maybe you should get something to eat!

The sickness will pass. It's just a bug.

Rules for Questing:

Once your drawing is submitted, the quest continues!

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