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Quest: Best Friends Forever 
(Part 3)

The banging on the door to your home didn’t help the splitting migraine you’d had since the morning. And the sight of Sheriff Russell with Dusty hovering in his brother’s shadow.


With the way Russell immediately glares at the noc on your back (and scaring the poor thing) hardly makes the situation a pleasant one.


Russell: Well, there it is. Thanks Dust.


Dusty: *gives you an uneasy look before hurrying on his way, leaving you alone with Russell.*


Russell: Here’s the long an’ short of it: you’ve brought a Nocoff into your house.


A Spite, into Wynsiph. Not only is this a danger to your health, (Just look at you, for crying out loud!) but it’s dangerous to others in town! 

As soon as you have barely enough energy to survive, it’ll start wandering around town to find its next victim when it’s not getting enough from you anymore. 

You look like a pretty naive wyngro, so I’ll waive my usual penalty fee for this kind of unlawful act. Just give the thing here. 

Your Noc dodges Russell’s grasp in paralyzing fear, hiding behind you, crying loudly for help. 

You pick it up and cuddle it in your arms, asking Russell to please give you a chance to fix the situation. If you have the desperation to outright beg Russell, then he decides to give in. Otherwise, you decide to give the Noc up right there and then. If pleading, Russell gives an exhausted sigh.


Russell: Ugh… young ones are too sympathetic these days. Look, that SPITE needs to be gone by sunset tonight. I don’t care how or why: it just has to be gone.


Russell: And if it ain’t, I’m goin’ ta make it gone. Understood?

You nod quickly, looking down at the sad Noc in your arms.


Russell: I suggest you put it in a cage and take it to Kalypso if you want proof. She can tell a Nocoff better than anyone. 

If you decide to talk to Kalypso, the info she gives you about Nocoffs is quite disturbing


Nocoffs have two forms, and cannot absorb magic when in their Noc disguise. Under heavy moderation where they cannot escape, they will eventually crack and change form when they become desperate and starving. Though this can take several days if they have been previously feeding off a wyngro. 


Nocoffs eat less food than real Nocs. They also do not get along with other Nocs, as real Nocs are sensitive to magical energies and can usually tell that something is wrong. 

Nocoffs are more drawn to gros that are prone to loneliness and the desperate need to be loved. They tend to not be as clingy to gros that are confident and well loved by peers. 


The one guaranteed way to tell a Noc from a Nocoff during the day, is by its blood.


A Nocoff has black blood, and will do anything it can to escape from being injured. A real Noc will not be smart enough to avoid being intentionally injured by a wyngro, but a Nocoff will. (Say you came at it slowly with a knife. A real Noc would smile and look curious. A Nocoff may run, hiss, or otherwise suspect your intentions.) 

This is why we often find Nocoffs when gros come to me to get them checked over, blood tested and poked at. Nocs are usually so mild tempered and oblivious to triggers, but a Nocoff will fight tooth and nail to get away from such tests. All to avoid being revealed. 


Kalypso: I hope that helps you understand this situation and how devious these creatures are. You should really let Russell eliminate this one so no one else finds it “tied to a tree in the woods”.

Rules for Questing:


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