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What are Upgrades?

Upgrades are the main attraction of owning a Wyngro!

We decided to simplify the process to confuse less members. This way, you can be sure to keep your wyngro simple and punctuated! :D 

So have a browse through and see what you can get to make your gro unique! (But simple)


Is it a unibrow? Or a question mark? I dunno?


Wyns Needed: ??? 

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro questioning life. They must also be confused enough to ignore the wyn requirements. 


  • Must be shaved very precisely

  • Your Wyngro must always question everything others say. All the time. 

  • The unibrow can sometimes change into an exclamation point if they feel startled!

Exclamation Antennas! 

Huh? What was that noise!


Wyns Needed: 111!!!

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro being alerted by a strange sound!!!!!!


  • These antenna slick back like an 80's style Grease hairdo when they're not in alert mode

$$$ shaped Pupils

Well, blow me bagpipes! 


Wyns Needed: 4444

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro jumping into a pile of gold coins and swimming in it. 


  • There is a -4333 wyn discount on this upgrade if your Wyngro has a beak, feather tufts or a Scottish accent.

  • If you draw your wyngro with a bag of stolen money you may ignore the wyn requirement.

Ampersand Tail

& ..... isn't that a bit extra?


Wyns Needed: 100 & 77 

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro & someone else's wyngro & a puckoo & a bug of your choice & an NPC of your choice & a tree & make sure everyone is on a skateboard. (Including the tree)


  • Oh & make sure someone is wearing a cowboy hat.

  • & someone is using magic.

  • & someone is eating a taco

Asterisk Markings

*Make sure to read the exceptions in the rules.


Wyns Needed: 8

Drawing Requirements: 

*Draw a happy wyngro!


  • *The wyngro you draw needs to be only mildly happy. 

  • **The wyngro you're drawing cannot be TOO happy.

  • ***The wyngro you draw shouldn't be sad or angry either. More of a... stoic sort of personality.  

  • ****The wyngro you draw should probably be an NPC. 

  • *****The wyngro you draw should have a fluffy mane. 

  • ******....Just draw Tendarei. 

Hash-tag Tattoo



Wyns Needed: 333

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro doing something "trendy". 


  • Your go can now be a walking advertisment.... for them-self

  • The TM must be included for legal purposes.

Percentage Horn

For that unicorn of the upper percentage


Wyns Needed: 100%

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro being the best. 


  • With a horn this classy, colour restrictions do not apply.

  • Your wyngro must be the top percentage of all the other wyngrew.

  • Percentage dots float from the power of sheer awesomeness. Don't let it get to your head. 

Quotation Fingers

Look, it's everyone's "favorite" upgrade. ..Hah.


Wyns Needed: "20" 

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro acting like a sarcastic douchebag. 


  • If your wyngro has thumbs, they get ripped off and thrown across the room when this upgrade is applied. 

  • Your Wyngro will become the best at calling out their friends with sarcasm. 

  • No, your wyngro cannot be E.T. and pretend to "phone home." 

Bracer Wings


Grows from "Tiny Back Wings"

Brace yourself, flying with these is a bit tricky...


Wyns needed: 606

Additional Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro spiralling out of control!


  • These wings cannot bend out of their squiggly shape!

  • Can be applied to wynglings

Parenthesis Legs

What lovely legs you have!

(Truth be told they're kinda freaking me out...)


Wyns needed: (9)0(9)0

Additional Requirements: 

Draw the wyngro you want this upgrade for having a nightmare about math.

(The number 5 is especially angry in the dream)


  • This is a Quad ONLY upgrade! (If you quad has these legs and then switches into a biped, this upgrade disappears!)

  • Parenthesis must always be closed! In other words: Your legs must look like this () () not this: )(  )(

  • Remember to read in the parentheses for the wyn requirement!

@ Paw Pads

Where u @ friendo?


Wyns Needed: Whatever street # u @

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro @ home


  • These paw pads were made for walking

  • So that's what they're gunna do

  • That's all they do

  • your wyngro can't stop

  • sorry

Questionable Horns

But why? When? Where? How?


Wyns Needed: 42

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro questioning life, the universe, the answer, the question, the sky, the leaves, the--


  • The reasoning behind what they do, the reasoning behind other's actions, 

  • Cloud formations and why we wish to find meaning and recognisable shapes in them, rain, water, the cycle

  • but most importantly

  • Why Is This Text BLACK


"Help... I'm blind!"



Wyns needed: 12

Additional Requirements: 3 Months 

Drawing Requirements:

Draw the Wyngro you want this upgrade for texting their BFF Jill. 


  • Jill must be drawn in a split screen view from your wyngro. 

  • Wyngrew with this upgrade cannot see.

  • This upgrade is permanent! (Unless they change emotions. But they still can't see)


Finally, a subspecies that anyone can get!


Wyns needed: 575

Additional Requirements: 

Draw the wyngro you want this upgrade for wishing they were anything but a standard gro!


  • Brackets must fully contain the character

  • Front and back legs must be connected with the bracket.

  • The brackets can fold underneath them during the winter to form a sled. 

  • If they fall over, they're screwed. 

<> Shoulders

Anything you can do I can do Greater~

I can do anything Lesser than you~

No you can't--

Yes I can!!


Wyns Needed: Greater than what you have. Less than what you want.

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro as a King, and as a Pauper!


  • Your wyngro must properly display their newfound position as both the most important and least important person in town at all times.

  • Which is some times Omega

  • And sometimes Alpha

  • They'll = it out someday.

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