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Quest: Puckoo Sitting


Age Requirement:  None

Other Requirements: None

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: A good beginner's project for any wyngro interested in raising puckoos as a hobby, or even eventually farming on their own! Lasso loves teaching wynglings about proper care and empathy towards animals! To begin, it’s time to feed the puckoo! Be careful, they can get a bit crazy during feeding time!



Lasso: Howdy! So, I hear yer interested in animals. Well, ye’ve come to the right place! I’ve got all sorts of critters from all walks o’ life, but how about ye start small? It’s my dunce’s feedin’ time! 

 I’ve got their feed lined up in the barn: take a bag and spread those rock pellets around their enclosure! 

You take the bag of rocks and lug it over to the enclosure. 
(Easier said than done. It IS a bag of rocks, afterall) 
The little baby puckoos hear the rustle of rocks clanking together and immediately pop out of their coop, puckin’ away. 

Lasso: Careful there! The bubs get a lil’ fiesty durin’ feedin’ time! Ye best prepare for an onslaught of bobbing little babs! Don’tcha worry none though, they can’t hurt ya. They just be happy to see ye!

Bub: Puck-puck-puck! Koo-koo-koo!!

As the bubs go into a feeding frenzy, attacking all the rocks you drop for them, be careful not to drop any rocks onto their little heads! At least these little guys are cute!

Rules for Questing:

Once your drawing is submitted, the quest continues!

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