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Quest: Puckoo Sitting

(Part 2)

Lasso: Nice job! These bubs sure look delighted! Now, at the end of the day, the Puckoo need to be counted, to be sure none of them have wandered away from the very-secure enclosure I have set up for them! Everything secure?

You look behind you, noticing that in the distraction of getting bombarded by baby puckoos, you forgot to shut the gate… Oops.

Lasso: Wait, you didn’t leave the pen open during the distraction of feeding time, did you? Oh golly gee willekers… Well what are you standing there for? You better go find all the bubs that wandered off!

After an eventful time wandering the farm and wrangling up all the bubs, you finally return them to their proper pens, Lasso looking relieved to see you.

Lasso: WHEW-WHEE I was getting nervous once the sun started to set! Thank goodness you got em’ all back! Thank you for catchin’ em’ all. They’re not very fast but when they all go in different directions, it can be a lil’ daunting I know! Well at least ya got a full does of daily puckoo keepin’!


Tell ye what-- you’ve earned a nice basket of eggs for yer work. Don’t try to hatch these now. They’re for EATIN’! Now, off you go before it gets dark!

She nudges you off with your new basket of puckoo eggs. Well at least you have breakfast for tomorrow!

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