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Quest: The Mark of Wynsiph


Age Requirement:  Adult

Other Requirements: This quest can only be completed between July 19th-July 31st! It is unavailable any other time of year!

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: As most of the town celebrates, it seems Ivy is offering a slightly more laborious pastime instead of a festive one. Is your wyngro up to the challenge, in order to be ‘blessed’ by the town’s local soothsayer? 


The town square is full of the hustle and bustle of wyngrew. Many are visiting memorial lantern in the center of town where the nova tree once was, either to listen to the mayor Tendarei’s yearly speech or just to reaffirm their connection to the land. Or even just to take part in the many foods or games being offered all around. 

Off to the side, sitting on a bench, you see the local ‘wise woman’ staring at you. You could walk away, but you have the funny feeling from the intensity of her stare that she wants you to come over. So, you do.

Ivy: About time. You were nearly late! Now now, not to worry, the day is still young. (unlike me) You’ll have plenty of time to complete your test— yes, test. Did I stutter?

You look confused, and ask her to elaborate.

Ivy: Well, it’s more akin to a right of passage, actually. But yes, a test! Those who pass get to carry the mark of honor from our humble town with them for the rest of their days!


Don’t look so jittered, it’s really just a simple sort of errand, just to help an old wyngro out. Or is it...? Perhaps this is just the first step on a much longer journey in your life, forever putting your feet on a path of heroic deeds and great accomplishments! ...Or it could be an errand. Up to you.

The elder wyngro smiles far too sweetly, cackling a bit.

Ivy: So? Shall we begin?

Before you can answer, Ivy goes right on talking. As she does so, she pulls out a small bag from her cloak and passes it to you. It feels heavy, but not enough to be a true burden.

Ivy: Since the auras are telling me you’ll say yes, let’s not waste any time. This is a rather challenging series of tasks, but I’ve packed everything you’re going to need right here. You will travel deep into the Auranna Forest for the first task: you will need to fetch three leaves from a Karmik tree.


Secondly, you will travel to the northeast, to the Caravine Cliffs. There, you must follow the steepest trail until you come to a dead end with a Avilum Tree. The tree should be producing plenty of berries this time of year. Pick three, before continuing on your way.


And lastly, the third and final of your labors will be a bit less out-of-the-way: in Palamino Lake. There, you will swim or boat (Gilligan is always willing to ferry those who listen to his stories) onto the lake and collect the core of three tears. Who’s tears? Why, Palamino’s Tears of course, you can’t tell me you’ve never tried one? They are a local delicacy!


Oh… you youthful, brainless children sometimes…


Well, just be sure to return with all of these things to me before sundown, and I’ll give you something so all know you’re a true Wynsiph ‘champion’.

Rules for Questing:

  • Draw your wyngro in any situation above to complete the quest! (They can be finding all three quest items, just one, or even just chatting with Ivy!)

  • Make sure your drawing conforms with our "Polished Piece Guide"! 

  • Submit your piece to our "Quest Gallery" found here!

Once your drawing is submitted, the quest concludes!

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