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Quest: The Mark of Wynsiph


This has to have been the longest, most frustrating day of your life. You’ve dragged yourself through the southern woods far past where you would normally go, looking for a single specific kind of tree. In a forest of trees all of which did not want to be the rare and fabled karmik tree.


You nearly got lost down five different dead ends in the cliffs to the north of town, before finally finding the berry tree. Then you had to find your way back and get to Palamino lake, which was a whole nother can of worms.


But, you returned with the tasks all completed. The bag Ivy had given you (full of, surprisingly enough, things you actually needed on your way and now held the items you’d been sent to fetch) now held the things she’d sent you to get. You find her right where this all began: at a bench in the center of town.  

Ivy: Right on schedule, as I saw.   

She takes her bag back, not even glancing inside it as she slips it safely back into her cloak. The old wyngro seems to know you’ve succeeded just from looking at you.

Ivy: Come closer and give me your arm. I will bestow the mark of Wynsiph so that no matter where you travel, you’ll always know where you came from. For this mark can only be applied to those who truly make themselves a part of this town’s kin.

A soft, rainbow glow surrounds her touch as she holds your arm, a piercing feeling traveling against your skin. It’s different than a simple kind of pain. It feels like a mix between pain and relief. Strange. It doesn’t make you want to pull away, however. You have the oddest sensation of trust as this wise woman applies something to your very being.

Once that glow fades away, you notice that your body has gained a very unique looking marking. A leaf. Not just any leaf, but the mark of Wynsiph leaf! You feel very proud, as if this is a right of passage. Ivy is smiling widely at you as you look back up at her.

Ivy: You should take pride, young one. I don’t offer this mark to just any old gro. May Wynsiph be with you always, to be your home and your strength.





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In order to apply the Wynsiph Tattoo:

Please draw a full-body, flat-colored image of the adult wyngro you're applying this to and submit it to the Wyngro gallery before July is over!

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