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Welcome to the catalogue of creatures for the Wyngro world! Here you can traverse the long list of creatures, from tiny pests, to large mounts! You can find out if a creature can be a companion pet, a beast of burden, or a steed! Watch out: some creatures are predictors or only really used as an obstacle for your characters! 

Please note: The Creature Catalogue is unfortunately not suitable for many mobile devices. Please CLICK HERE to view a simplified version! Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

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Differences between Companion Pets, Farm Animals, etc.

  • Companion Pets are usually bred solely to be pets for one purpose or another. Most pets are also unique in that each individual is hand-drawn by one of our artists, making yours truly unique!

  • Farm Animals are  meant as animals raised to be slaughtered or farmed in some way. This doesn't mean that your characters can't become attached to and be affectionate to their farm animals! In the same way someone could still have a pet chicken, so long as they don't expect that chicken to do tricks and walk on a leash like a dog. These types of animals do not vary much in appearance, and you do not need to own one in order to incorporate them into your stories. 

  • Wild Animals are not as common to be seen farmed, as they are mainly used to fill up the world as background creatures. Some are pests, others might be threatening predators! 

  • Miscellaneous contain Spites, Fish, Birds & Bugs! They have so many variations that they have their own pages! 

How do I get a pet for my wyngro?

  • Patreon: The easiest way to obtain a pet is through our $5 or $15 Patreon tier, which gives first access to different pet sales ($5 tier unlocks Runeboos, Wibbles and Coatala, while $15 grants first access to Nocs and Ori as well!) Pets generally range from $30-150, depending on the design and rarity of said pet. Every pet is commissioned from an artist, so buying pets not only helps support funding for our projects, but also helps support our artists!

  • The Trading Post is a great place to check, as members often post pets there as well, but you'll need to have items of value to trade for them! 

  • Draw to Adopt Contests: We also tend to do monthly DTAs for pets! (Basically an art contest) You can click here to see our previous DTAs!

  • Pets can also be given away during events, as prizes, or randomly raffled. So just stay active and participating!

Tasty Personalities (Flavor Traits)

A quirk that most Wyngro have is describing the personality of an creature by what’s called a “flavor trait”.

These labels are used when purchasing pets or are used to help describe them to another Wyngro. Sometimes Wyngrew will even use these flavor traits to describe other Wyngrew.

“Oh she’s a spicy one! But underneath I know how mild and even sweet she can be.”



Sweet pets are defined as being gentle and kind. Their disposition is mostly peaceful and easy going,  often chirping for wyngro attention. They are the best kinds of personalities for easing shyer animals and even wyngrew into being more comfortable. 


Juicy pets are described as being some of the most fun. You will never be bored with a juicy personality, as they tend to be very excitable, hyper and always moving. They can also be rather needy, depending on the pet. 



Minty is a very desirable personality trait, as these pets tend to be easiest to care for. They are mostly content, chipper little dudes that don't get into much trouble. Very easy to have and enjoy. Although due to their satisfied temperments, they are not always as eager to be trained. 


Creamy pets are some of the most nurturing and affectionate personalities around. They are 100% loving, snuggling up to anyone they see. They are also the neediest pets you will ever come across, and tend to have separation anxiety if not properly acclimated. 



Crisp pets are described as confident, but in a calm kind of way. They aren't as noticeable as the zesty types, rather blending into the background and staying out of trouble. Because of this, crisp pets are another very desirable personality. 



The spitfires of the pet world, zesty personalities are extremely bold personalities that aren't afraid of anything! These daring pets will jump  into danger without hesitation, so they  need a careful eye!


Savory pets are "old souls", but don't necessarily need to be senior pets. They are wise, often used to mentor younger, less experienced pets. These pets are often seen as the alphas of their respective groups as well. 




Fresh is often used to describe young pets, but it can also mean naïve and innocent in personality. Fresh pets are often inexperienced and lacking in basic fundamentals. (They need a lot of training!)



Tart pets are described has being rather snooty and self-confident. Many coatala are described this way due to their sporadic nature of being affectionate one moment, and uncaring the next. They definitely think they are quite fabulous.



Mellow pets are the most 'chill' kind of pet you could own, not a care in the world given. They are often lazy and very difficult to train, but the nice thing is that they often don't get into much trouble either. 



Mild describes a pet who is rather fearful and untrusting. They can be apprehensive with new wyngrew, and shy around strangers in general. Working your way up to being trusted by a mild pet is certainly a challenge. 



Spicy pets are naughty little goobers who never stay out of trouble. They do what they want and will always give you sass for trying to get them to do something they don't want to do. They are very headstrong and love a challenge, so treat them well and you will have an entertaining go-getter!



Tangy pets are just all around goofballs. They get into trouble in the most innocent ways, often being found stuck somewhere or eating something they shouldn't. They often cry out when they get into trouble, asking for help. Tangy pets are often the funniest ones to observe. 



Salty pets are not the most socialized pets, often displaying awkward behaviors to wyngrew and other pets. Their insecurity often results in them making decisions that owners will find unpleasant or crude. 



Soggy pets are extremely fearful, displaying more flight than fight when they are scared. They will curl up into a ball or go hide at the drop of a hat. Getting a soggy personality to come out of its shell will take a lot of time. 



Rotten pets are some of the most naughty little guys around! They will get into trouble on purpose and aren't ashamed of it. Scold them and it will only get worse. They also have little ambition, so tempting them with treats often doesn't even work. These pets really know how to get under your skin. 



Sour pets are rather lazy, selfish, and uncaring of their owners, preferring to relax on their own. They really don't care about much, and ignore their owners most of the time. 



Bitter pets are mostly all  bark and no bite, but they are certainly feisty. They are easily irritated and angry at the world. Although they don't usually seek to cause harm, they can bite or fight back if pushed too far, so be warned. 



Toxic pets are unsuitable in the homes of anyone who doesn't know how to handle pets very well. They are the most aggressive type, often seeking harm on others and extremely threatening. Keep away from wynglings. 


Companion Pets

Farm Animals

Wild Animals


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