Color Mixer

You now have the option to use as many of the color placements as you want!

Wyns needed: 150

Additional Requirements: 2 Months

Drawing Requirements:  

The Wyngro you want Color Mixer for must have at least 5 Colored Fullbody deviations of it so far!


  • Move Base, secondary, added color or accent colors around.

  • May be combined with "Add a Color" upgrade!

  • Eye, Baby spot, elegant hair color, etc. may NOT be changed or moved around.

  • Make sure you have drawn your Wyngro in 5 separate deviations before using the Color Mixer multiple times.

  • CLICK HERE for some suggestions for good placements.

  •  No new colors may be added. Make sure they're not complex, overlap in complicated ways, or look like markings!


Placements below are SUGGESTIONS and do not have to be followed exactly. Just make sure that the placements are simple, do not overlap, and do not create complex markings.


Remember that color mixer upgrade should not make the patterns look complex or marking-like.

Avoid creating thin lines and stripes!

We'll have examples out as soon as we can!