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What are Upgrades?

Upgrades are the main attraction of owning a Wyngro!

Wyngrew are a species that start out with a very simple design that aren't very unique.

Their uniqueness comes from your involvement in the community and how you develop them as a character! Remember that most upgrades are earned simply by drawing Wyngrew in the community, but there may be other requirements depending on the upgrade!


  • Some are only achievable by events that are hosts by the community!

  • Some require you to use a certain medium of art!

  • Some require you to draw Wyngrew owned by other artists!

  • Some can only be won in auctions!

  • MOST require you to have a certain amount of wyns!


But what is wyn? Wyns are Wyngro's tally system to help you keep track of all your art!


Accessible after your Wyngro is approved. Welcome to the group, now give your Wyngro some texture!


Wyns Needed: 2


  • Loaf must be white bread

  • No slices may be missing

  • Please do not add any condiments at this stage

  • Can only be applied to wynglings

Rolly Polly

Is your body bready for this?!?!


Wyns needed: 5

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro taking a big ass bite out of a loaf of bread.


  • This upgrade is permanent

  • Can only be applied to an adult wyngro

  • Must be high in fibre


Croissant Horns

Just the perfect horns for buttering you up.


Wyns Needed: 15

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro being French.


  • Needs to be Golden brown

  • May have butter dripping from them

Donut Tail

Donut tail anyone about this tail, they may just take a bit--- oh too late...


Wyns needed: 20

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro covering themselves in sprinkles and frosting, what colours do they choose?


  • Must be a sweet donut

  • Can have any topping you like

  • may have a bite out of it, if your wyngro is hungry enough


Baguette Legs

Stop loafing around, this world waits for no bun!! Time to get on a roll!!!!


Wyns Needed: 25

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro putting an entire baguette in their mouth!


  • Each baguette must be between 65 cm and a metre long

  • Diameter must be around 5 of 6 cm

  • Must have a crispy crust

Wryspine Disease

At yeast this is a healthy alternative to white bread...


Wyns needed: 30

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro scratching their back, it's really itchy when these grow in!


  • Slices may vary in size

  • This disease is a disease

  • Can only be applied in the month of April


Pretzel Wings

And now...WE RISE!


Wyns Needed: 35

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro being salty about something.


  • Must be twisty

  • Must be salted pretzels, no sugar allowed!

Seedy Eyes

These eyes go against the grain...


Wyns needed: 40

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro planting an evil tree, what a crumby thing to do...


  • Seeds must be the colour of your wyngro's eyes.

  • These permanently replace standard eyes.


Sliced Ears

Something seems to have gone a rye with your ears...


Wyns needed: 45

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro with bread on their face!


  • Ears must be full slices

  • Can be any type of bread

  • Are edible


Toasty Markings

Wyngrew with these markings are usually inbread and the result of some crepe-y sap filled nights...


Wyns needed: 50

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro playing peekaboo in a giant toaster!


  • Toast must have crusts

  • Must be full slices, no missing bites allowed


Butt Wings

Talk about flying by the seat of your pants...


Wyns needed: 100

Drawing Requirements: 

Step 1: Print out, or draw your Wyngro’s face, facing forward. Make sure the paper is big enough to cover your entire face. Cut out the face with scissors.


Step 2: Tape the paper cut out of your Wyngro’s face onto your own face.


Step 3: Turn on your favourite dance music, and dance while cosplaying your character! YEAH!


Step 4: Prove to us you did this by taking a video of the amazing dance display. You can set a camera up to dance in front of it or have a friend record it. Use a phone, a webcam, whatever you want. Then upload it somewhere public so we can embarrass you in front of your friends see your amazing dance skills. Fullbody dances only. We need to see all your moves for this to count.


Step 5: Upload a weird doodle of your Wyngro dancing/ a gif from your video and link your video in the description. Submit it to THIS FOLDER!


Step 6: Wait until tomorrow. We need to go over all of these amazing dance videos and confirm they are good to go before you can claim your butt wings and draw your Wyngro with them. Don’t worry, this is not a joke. We need to see your dance moves.


  • Do not add butt wings to your wyngro until a mod confirms that your dance moves were sweet enough!




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