Unlimited Clothing

Unlimited Clothing

Let's play dress up, yo! Give your Wyngro any sort of clothing to wear! (Includes multiple accessories)


Wyns needed: 10

Drawing Requirements: Draw a Wyngro NPC at least once!


  • Do NOT add clothing or accessories with the intention of resembling official upgrades! (Such as Imp Armor,) 

  • Do NOT add skin tight clothing to imitate a color change or markings your Wyngro does not have. 

  • (Basically just please don't try to get around upgrade rules with clothing/accessories)

Feather Butt

Shake those tail feathers!


Wyns needed: 770

Age Requirements: 5 Months

Drawing Requirements: 

Paint the wyngro you want this upgrade for on a small stone, feather or leaf!


  • Feathers must be base or secondary colors when first applied. 

  • Head-shots are okay for the requirement!

  • Painting must be recognizable and have some effort put into it!

Quad / Bipedal Morph

That body style not working for you?


Wyns needed: 100

Drawing Requirements: 

When applying this upgrade, draw the Wyngro you want this morph for with a "Before and After" image of their full body to show the change!

[Example coming soon!]


  • The Wyngro you want to change forms can ONLY CHANGE ONE TIME. Once implemented, they cannot change again. This is only for those artists that just can't connect with the body type they originally chose.

Small Back Spikes

I don't think your Wyngro should be giving piggy-back rides any time soon!


Wyns needed: 125

Age Requirements: 3 Months

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw the Wyngro you want this upgrade for defending themselves, or someone else's Wyngro from something, and write a story about how they succeeded! (Or failed!)

Story must be 600 words or more! 


  • They can be Base, Secondary, or Accent color!

  • If a Bastion/Razor Shell is applied, back spikes can still be added to the tail. (Just not the actual shells themselves!)

Bastion Shell

Gotta go fast! ... wait.


Wyns needed: 200

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw the Wyngro you want this upgrade for in a race with another Wyngro!

(Do they win or lose?)


  • Can be Secondary, Base, or Accent color!

  • Must be placed on your Wyngro's back!

  • Markings can be added to shell.

  • Does not combine with other upgrades that change the shell. (Ex: Back Spikes, Rugged Fin, etc)

  • NO WINGS can be combined with back shells!

  • Must take up the length of your gro's back (From the base of their neck to the base of their tail)


Razer Shell

Say goodbye to 1st place, sucker!


Wyns needed: 440

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw the Wyngro you want this upgrade for diving underwater and doing some exploring! 



  • The Wyngro you want this upgrade for must be drawn with the Bastion Shell 3 times before the Razer Shell can be applied!

  • Rim and main body of shell may be different colours as pictured above. 

  • Same rules as Bastion Shell apply here!


Imp Mane

Maybe they're born with it, maybe it's imperial genes?


Wyns needed: 1000

Age Requirements: 6 Months

Additional Requirements: 

Make an art doll!

<<Tutorial here>>


  • Can be combined with shaggy fur

  • Must be a colour already on your wyngro if not being combined with add a colour/colour mixer

  • Can be elegant hair colour

  • Fur can't be curly/wooly!

  • Art doll must be a true art doll, with fabric, clay and painting elements

  • Art Doll must be able to be manipulated, so be sure your photo reflects that!

  • On a wyngling, the Imp Mane stops at the back of the neck / above the shoulders until they grow up!

Imp Armor

I love your imp cosplay!


Wyns needed: 1000

Age Requirements:  6 Months

Drawing Requirements:

 Make a pose-able paper doll!

<<Tutorial Here>>


  • Your paper dolls must have a minimum of 15 separate pieces. (The example above uses 20+.)

  • You must show the doll in 3 separate poses and show the back of the doll. If you make an animation, link 3 stills in the description.

  • The doll must be a fully colored, accurate representation of an official, up-to-date adult wyngro or an official adult NPC!

  • Back armor cannot be combined with: Bastion/Razer Shell, Rugged Fin, Back Wings (Any), or Butt Wings.

  • Can still be used, but not on the imp armor itself: Leaf Plates, Back Spikes, Imp Mane.

  • Cannot go on Quad Ori legs.

  • Markings can go on Imp Armor, but must be contained to the armor. Markings also can not appear to be cut off by Imp Armor.

  • You can apply imp armor to only the arms, only the back, or both!

  • You must have 3 plates on the arm and 4 plates on the back.

  • Must be a base, secondary, or accent when first applied.

Shaggy fur

Your fur won't stop growing!!


Wyns needed: 200

Additional Requirements: 

The Wyngro you're adding shaggy fur for must have at least one sculpture done of it. Clay, wire, snowman? Be creative! 


  • Make sure your sculpture is easily identifiable as the Wyngro you're applying Shaggy Fur to! (Put enough effort into it!)

  • Shaggy Fur only makes existing Fur Upgrades longer! It does not instantly grant your Wyngro full-body fur!

  • Once shaggy fur is "unlocked" for a certain wyngro, it can be used multiple times as you see fit. 

  • Fur can't be curly/wooly!

  • Fur length should be limited in a way where body shape and upgrades are still easily identifiable. (Should not cover limbs completely, etc.) 

  • Can be applied to: Hair Tuft, Hair, Cheek Fur, Limb Fluff, Body Fluff, Tail Fur, Fluff Tail, Curled Fluff Tail, Poof Tail, Elegant Tail Tip, Goatee, Beard, Noble Neck Fluff, Royal Mane, Beast Claws, Coatala Ears, Fuzzy Lop Ears, Sweeper Tail, Imp Mane

Leaf Plates

Spines with holes? Unbeleafable!


Wyns needed: 0

Additional Requirements:

Occasionally given away on July 19th as an anniversary upgrade! 


  • Plates can be Base, Secondary or Accent colour

  • Plates can't be any smaller or larger than the example

Rugged Fin

For the expert swimmers out there!


Wyns needed: 310

Drawing Requirements: 

Paint the Wyngro you want this upgrade for with watercolours!

The watercolour painting may include the Rugged Fin upgrade!


  • Must be the color of the skin it grows from when first applied!


Little spines! Not very huggable :(


Wyns needed: 400


  • Spines can only grow from the back of your wyngro, like the upgrade image (not from the belly/face)!

  • Cannot grow on wings (that's a flight hazard)!

  • Each individual spine must be defined and identifiable!

  • Can be Base, Secondary, or Accent color!



Wyns needed: 1000

Additional Requirements: The wyngro you want this upgrade for must have had at least 3 official breedings done. 


  • Biologically female gros only!

  • Belly Scales separate in the section when a pouch is added.

  • Stamps placed on a gro's front must be placed on the pouch if added. 

  • All females CAN still be drawn with a pouch during pregnancy/nursing if they have been officially bred, but you cannot add it to reference sheets without unlocking this upgrade for them. 

Body Textures

For the following upgrades: Feather Tufts, Pinata Fur, Swimmer Scales & Earth Spikes

These 4 upgrades should not overlap! Your Wyngro may have all 4 of these upgrades on them, but make sure they're sectioned away from each other. For example, they cannot have feathers growing directly on their scales, fur can't be combined with earth spikes, etc.

Pinata Tufts

This thick fur coat is naturally flameproof!


Wyns needed: 60

Additional Requirements: 

The wyngro receiving this upgrade needs to pass a Fire Class!


  • This is a layered fur that has the same color as the skin beneath it.

  • It may grow everywhere shown or only in certain areas, your choice.

  • Must remain short!

  • This body texture cannot be applied to tails that cannot have "Tail Fur" applied to them.

Feather Tufts

Soft, short feathers as light as air!


Wyns needed: 60

Additional Requirements: 

The wyngro receiving this upgrade needs to pass a Wind Class!


  • These feathers are the same color as the skin beneath them!

  • They may grow everywhere shown or only in certain areas, your choice!

  • Must remain short!

  • This body texture cannot be applied to tails that cannot have "Tail Fur" applied to them.

Swimmer Scales

Swimmer scales offer little protection, but they do help you swim faster! 


Wyns needed: 60

Additional Requirements: 

The wyngro receiving the upgrade needs to pass a Water Class!


  • Swimmer Scales are translucent, showing whatever colors and patterns are on the skin beneath!

  • They may be present all over a Wyngro's body or only in some areas, your choice!


Earth Spikes

Hard spikes to make sure your friends get the point!


Wyns needed: 60

Additional Requirements: 

The wyngro receiving this upgrade needs to pass a Earth Class!


  • Earth Spikes are the same color as the skin they sprout from (though this can of course be changed with Color Mixer)!

  • They may grow in all the locations shown or only some of the locations, your choice!