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Pasta-Palooza Upgrades! 


Are u ready to noodle?


Spaghetti Hair

Meatballs included as an accessory


Wyns Needed: 10

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro brushing spaghetti



  • No, not their spaghetti hair. Draw them brushing an actual bowl of spaghetti please. 

  • Meatballs can be any color already on your wyngro.

  • Noodles can only go to length of shoulders. Any longer and spoodles will get you.

  • Condition with sauce every day to prevent split ends. 


Noodle Stache

You'll never be the Dragon Warrior, unless you lose 500 pounds, and brush your teeth.


Wyns Needed: 111

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro imitating their favorite NPC.


  • The NPC has to be behind them unknowingly as they imitate them.

  • Noodle Stache must be uneven to keep balance in the universe. 

  • Lip must be puckered at all times to keep a stiff upper lip.


Fusilli Beard

Ah sì, la mia barba è la cosa migliore del mondo.


Euros Needed: €200

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro holding a concert on their balcony.


  • If they do not have a balcony, tell them to get good.

  • Your wyngro cannot go outside to preform this concert. 

  • This is a wheat based beard, so your gro cannot be gluten intolerant. 

  • No other pasta type is allowed or you'll be fined.

  • Any complaints may be addressed to our Italian branch of opperations. 


Maca Brows ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

You know you want some.


Wyns Needed: 95

Drawing Requirements: Animate your wyngro wiggling their eyebrows.


  • They must be wiggling their eyebrows after telling a really bad pun or an inappropriate innuendo. 

  • Make sure to write down what they said in the description. 

  • They don't stop wiggling. Just keep wiggle.

  • They provide a nice emergency snack during desperate times. 

  • Perfectly paired with Macaroni Markings for that extra cheesy flavor.


Pappardelle Tail

You assed for this, right?


Wyns Needed:  555

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro attempting to pronounce Papparaelle. 


  • Thickness of tail must not be fatter than a fucking lasagna okay?

  • Tail should not touch the ground for longer than 3 seconds. 

  • If your wyngro pronounces Papperadeli correctly they're lying to themselves. 


Shell Ears

You can hear the ocean with these ears!


Wyns Needed:  300 shells

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro selling seashells by the seashore. 


  •  She must be sure she sell shells by the seashore. 

  • If no one buys her shells, they can go to hell.

  • This upgrade will not help you get a damn Finn.

  • Don't undersell your shells.

  • $5 minimum for all shells. Doesn't matter how shitty you think your shells are. 


Shell Shell

Spoons not included.


Wyns Needed:  0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro playing BEYBLADE© with a wyngro not owned by you!


  • Make sure to let it rip. 

  • The shell is made of shell and is a shell. 

  • Keeps your gro cool in the summer and is great for the beach. 

  • Can be used to attract ponches.


Permanent Bowtie

Prim and proper pasta will prosper


Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro tap-dancing on a table


  • The table in question must have your favorite pasta dish ontop of it. 

  • The table must be occupied by two gros on a romantic date.

  • Your wyngro must be kicking the pasta dish off the table in this image. 

  • This bowtie is permanent now. Cannot remove later.


Penne Nails

These nail are on point! Penne for your thoughts?


Wyns Needed:  300

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro going to the spa and getting a manicure or a pedicure. (Or both!)


  • Don't bite these nails. ...They bite back. 

  • Don't read in Spanish. 

  • These nails get soggy and fall off when using water magic. 

  • Fill them with your favorite beverage and drink out of them like a straw I dunno.


Cannelloni Wings 

It's a bird, it's a plane... wait, it's PASTAMAN.


Wyns Needed: 600

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro in a superhero custom composed only of pasta. 


  • These are in fact: Not Cannoli. Please only fill with cheese, NOT cream.

  • Comes with angel hair pasta but only if your wyngro is pure of heart. 

  • Do NOT use evil pasta types. 

  • With great pasta, comes great responsability.


Tubular Eyes

Haven't you ever wanted binocular vision?


Wyns Needed:  0

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro peepin' on someone with they peepers.



  • Other optional names for this upgrade in wyngro society are: Ocular Orzo, Noodle Peepers, Starch Sight, Tubey Bois. 

  • Cannot use VR. Sorry. :(

  • They cause a starch contrast to everything you see.


Swaggon Wheels

They see me rollin... they hatin...


Wyns Needed: 360°

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro as a car.


  • Make sure to tell us what brand of car in the description.

  • Beware of Sunday drivers. 

  • Remember that life is a highway.

  • Bipedals must be segways.

  • Stairs are for fucking chumps anyways. 


Macaroni Markings

The best upgrade to Kraft your new dreamgro!


Wyns Needed:  450

Drawing Requirements: 

Make macaroni art of anything wyngro related, and take a picture of your masterpiece! 


  • Make sure your photo is clear enough to see the lovely noodles! 

  • Any dried pasta works. Even the shitty buckwheat ones they nobody has taken at the store. 

  • Markings must be cheesy. Or die. 

  • Staff must get hungry looking at your piece or you won't get approved. 

  • Only one gro you own can obtain this savory marking, so choose wisely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​

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