Quest: Spontaneous Songs


Age Requirement:  Any Age

Other Requirements: You have to draw Sammie in the image and you have to create a song for him to sing (20 words or more)! Add it into your description!

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: Sammie is singing in the town square, and trying to get some other wyngrew to sing along with him! Will you join in? And when the bard dares the audience to lead in some music, will you take up the challenge?


Sammie: Hello hello, what do you know? A brand new gro, with a song to show? 

The biped calls, smoothly strolling around the center of town while his fingers strum out a gentle tune on his quatar.

Sammie: Such a beautiful day! Perfect for a song to play! Come on everyone, let’s sing together. Surely we’ll sound as pure and true, like birds of a feather?

The bard begins a lively tune, and begins to sing. He dances lightly in-time to his song, a bouncing and rhyming one praising fruits and flowers. After that, he plays another song, a slower one musing of the deeps of Palamino Lake. When that one ends, he bows, and turns to you.

Sammie: What shall I sing next? Come now, come now, don’t jest!

The enthusiastic bard hands you an instrument from his seemingly endless supply, giving a warm, encouraging smile.

Sammie: You lead this next one, and we’ll all join in! I know you have a song hidden within! Go on now, I’ve heard you singing along: you’ve got to know a groovy song!

Rules for Questing:





Once your piece has been submitted, don't forget to pick up your rewards to the left! 


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