Quest: Wynsiph's Farms

Rewards: Upgrade: Scruff Tail


Age Requirement:  Wyngling

Other Requirements: None

Prerequisites: None


   Wynsiph prides itself on its wide open farms and variety of delicious plants grown on them.  They ship these goods all over the area to other towns, making farming one of the most important jobs in town! 
   Every season there's something new to test out, and Lasso is more than happy to let curious wynglings try some of her crops.  Head on down to her farm and she'll tell you all about the plants she grows.  For this quest, draw one of your wynglings learning about local crops from Lasso!

Check out the wyngrew gallery to see all of the plants the group has: [Click here!]


Spring Crops

snail fruit.png
floaty fruit.png

Summer Crops

coatala tail.png
pona bop.png
ixeni curls.png
fisher beans.png

Fall Crops

char berry.png
pona bop.png
rubba shrooms.png

Winter Crops

mulain root.png
puffara fruit.png

Year Round Crops

luster fruit.png
table fruit.png

Alice: Come on little dudes! Just a lil’ further and we’ll be right in the middle of Lasso’s orchard for our fruit adventure!


Now remember your manners, guys! Even though we’re here to gather fruit, ya gotta keep your paws and claws as gentle as Potato’s hugs! (Be careful!)

Lasso: That’s quite the gatherin’ you’ve got today, Alice! I hope they’re a good bunch o’ workers, and not a batch of lil varmints. *big intimidating wink*

Alice: Naaaa no worries Lasso, they’ll all be on their BEST behavior! *big intimidating wink towards the wynglings*

Lasso: I sure hope so! Otherwise I may have to pull out my lasso and hog-tie any lil’ wygnling that damages my crops! 
*A stern glare sweeps the class* 

Alice: [omg scared expression here]… !

Lasso: *busts out laughing* 

Ya’ll thought I was serious didn’t ya? Hahaha, come on ya’ll, you’ve got a lot of plants to learn about today! Don’t worry, you all get your own baskets ta take a few souvenirs on home, too!

Alice: And souvenirs do NOT include any sneakily picked up puckoo eggs! Put it back, Kurt!

Rules for Questing:

  • Draw a scene using this prompt as a guide! How does your wyngling act at the farm? Are they helping to pick from the season's harvest? Are they mucking about and causing trouble? You can be flexible with it. Be creative!

  • Make sure your drawing conforms with our "Polished Piece Guide"! 

  • Submit your piece to our "Quest Gallery" found here! 

Rewards: Upgrade: Scruff Tail





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