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Quest: Quarry Volunteering


Age Requirement: Adult

Other Requirements: Must be depicted in the Last Notch area.

Prerequisites: Travel unlocked / Roaming Egg OR Last Notch Residency.
Location: Last Notch

Briefing:  You have found a notice in town about an open position at the Quarry. Better get going before the position gets taken by someone else. Wonder what the manager is like?

Steps: 1



The Last Notch quarry is alive with wyngrew and ori-drawn carts shifting stone and dirt out of the earth. You seek out the wyngro who appears to be in charge, an elegant-looking standard who’s clearly overseeing the whole thing (even if it doesn’t look like he’s getting his claws dirty himself).


Tarmarius: ...

It takes a moment before the man acknowledges your attempts to get his attention, though you begin to worry when several other workers pause to stare at you. Some make desperate “ABORT” motions, but it’s already too late: the elegant wyngro is looking down his beak at you.


Tarmarius: …Can I help you?

You explain you’re here to volunteer for a job at the quarry. You’d found a notice in town that anyone was welcome to work an entry-level labor job for good coin here. Tarmarius smiles, and nods. For a moment, you think you’ve found the right wyngro to talk to.


Tarmarius: Ah, yes, that. The entry level position who’s signage also indicates quite clearly that you need to speak to the low-level manager in the shack at the quarry’s entrance. You missed it? I understand. You’re not from around here. Let me help you out.

He points at a small building back the way you came. Although polite about it, something in the flatness of his tone still makes you feel berated somehow.


Tarmarius: My management team can help explain to you how to move a rock from one place to another, I’m sure.

You open your mouth to ask something, but before anymore words can escape your lips, a small mousey girl holding a stack of papers appears in front of you.


Assistant: Oh-- hello! Yes, I apologize for Mister Gumbuckle's er… briefness with you. He's handling a very delicate project right now and it's extremely time-sensitive!

You nod, hoping you haven't hurt your chances at a job at the quarry somehow by disturbing the boss man.


Assistant: Now, there's no need to worry, I have the paperwork for you to fill out right here, actually! We are in need of new quarry workers right now, so you're in luck! 

She tries to detach a single paper from her large stack, but is struggling to get it dislodged from the pile.


Tarmarius: Matilda!


Matilda: Be right there, sir!

She finally peels out a paper from the pile and reaches it out to you desperately, her jumbled limbs tripping over one another as she attempts to wrap up her conversation and keep up with her boss.


Matilda: Make sure you date it the day of as you come in, and oh! Use punctuation! They won't even consider you if you spell things wrong! Run-on sentences, hahaha, don't wanna be THAT gro!

Matilda scurries off as fast as her feet will carry her, knocking into something in the other room as you hear her profusely apologizing to Tarmarius. This whole interaction has definitely made you really consider whether this is the right job for you or not.

Rules for Questing:






Once your piece has been submitted, don't forget to pick up your rewards to the left! 


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