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Quest: Rock Ladder Challenge



Upgrade: Chip Horn


Age Requirement: Adult or born in Last Notch

Other Requirements: Must be depicted in the Last Notch area.


Standards, Imps & Gorges: Your wyngro must have completed at least 1 Last Notch Quest before they can take this quest.

Quill Wyngro: Travel must be unlocked.

Finn Wyngro: Cannot complete this quest.

Briefing: Last Notch is hosting its monthly competition of Rock Ladder, and King Huepoe is coming to make it a real party! Now's your chance to meet the man, the myth, the legend of Rock Ladder himself! Maybe if you're lucky, you even be able to challenge him in a game?

Steps: 1



The atmosphere is lively and jovial as feathered wyngrew gather around several ladders set around for the ongoing competition. 


To qualify for a residency chip of Last Notch, one usually has to submit an application and pay a fee, waiting months to see if they've gotten accepted. ...But who has time for that?! 


Luckily, you've heard rumors that King Huepoe himself will be at this competition, and word has it that if he likes you, he might throw you a residency chip for free! 


You’ll have to play the town’s namesake game, and play it well! Last Notch is a game where gros lay down a ladder and throw rocks into the spaces between the notches to earn points. The further away the ladder notch is, the more points you’ll earn!


Hopefully you’re not one for stage fright, because soon enough, all eyes are on you... and it’s your turn! Before you can even begin to consider throwing your rock, a loud booming voice fills the area.


King Huepoe: WEEEEOOO! Howdy folks! Did I hear that we got ourselves an outta' towner here? ( he looks you up and down)

The crowd goes silent, in awe at the sudden appearance of King Huepoe. You are starstruck, unsure of what to do or say. What CAN you say? Huepoe sees you shaking in your proverbial boots and lets out another laugh.


King Huepoe: Hawhawhaw! What’s the matter partner? Ain’t never seen The King before? Don't be shy, we're all friends here! And good thing too, cause you happen to be playing my favorite game!

He picks up a rock, tossing it in his hand a few times before turning to you. His face then becomes a little more serious.


King Huepoe: I haven’t played in such a long time. How about we have a little practice round, huh? Tell ya what too: If ya win, I'll make you an official resident of Last Notch! If ya want, of course.


King Huepoe: But if you lose… You gotta sharpen Elvis's claws for a month! (he reaches up to whisper in your ear) And Elvis HATES gettin' his tootsies filed down! Heheh. 

You gulp as the crowd around you goes wild with excited cheering. As if you didn’t already have enough pressure-- now the ding dang king of the city is challenging you to a game and added stakes to it! But... are you even allowed to win? Huepoe speaks again, snapping you out of it.


King Huepoe: Tell ya what, I’ll let you take the first throw! Good sportsmanship and all! Go on. (He slaps your back and scoots you along)

Seems like you can’t back away now. All eyes, including Huepoe's are now on you. You throw your first rock and it veers off to the right, missing the ladder by a few inches. Oh, wonderful, now you just look like a loser.

The crowd lets out a soft 'oof' sound, but Huepoe shakes his head a little and pats you on the shoulder.


King Huepoe: First throw jitters! It’s okay, partner! (He slaps you on the back again) Here, take this and throw again. First throw is free!

Is he making fun of you? No matter, you have a chance of redemption. It's all good.  Deep breaths. You pick up another rock, and throw it. This time, the rock lands right in the middle of the ladder. The crowd claps and Huepo lets out a whoop.


King Huepoe: Eyyy that’s the way to do it! Now step aside kid, let a real rock ladder master show you how it's done!

Huepoe squares up to the ladder, does a few questionable stretches, (you're pretty sure just to show off), and throws the rock. It lands just above your rock, and the crowd claps louder than before. Heopoe takes the time to flourish and bow to the crowd in appreciation.


King Huepoe: You turn partner! Lets see what you got!

Back and forth, the two of you take turns throwing rocks. It’s neck and neck! Each time you feel like you’re pulling ahead, Huepoe outshines you on his next turn. It comes down to your final rock: if you can throw farther than Huepoe, that residency chip is as good as yours. The pressure mounts, your palms are sweaty, your knees are weak and your arms become heavy…


King Huepoe: Hey! Ya better not be thinking of backing out now! C'mon everyone, lets here some cheers of encouragement for the newbie!

Huepoe begins to clap his hands in a rhythmic fashion and the crowd follows along. It’s down to the wire now, no backing down. But how will this end? Will you somehow manage to outshine the shiniest quill in the city? Or will thew pressure get to you, leaving you to mess up? Auugghh!

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