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Quest: Horde Mentality



Age Requirement: Adult

Other Requirements: Travel Unlocked / Roaming Egg

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: You’re traveling alone, and got caught out too late at night when you hear the tell-tale signs of the spooky predator known as arrow heads! Will you be able to survive the night?

Steps: 1



Dezzmar: Now, be careful when you travel through swamps and forests. Why? Didn’t your mum ever tell you about the arrow heads in school?

He wiggles his fingers in a spooky emphasis. You shake your head rapidly, desperate to know more.


Dezzmar: Have you lived under a rock your whole life or what? Sheesh! They’re dangerous predators, they are! Maybe they don’t often go after gros, but you let yourself get cornered out there with no magic, and I tell ya, yer in for a bad night my friend. 

You nod your head in understanding, then ask Dezzmar for his expertise on what to do if you do encounter an arrow head?


Dezzmar: Well first off, you’ll wanna take some of these.

He tosses you a small satchel of clanking rocks. You peek into the bag and see an assortment of smooth stones, a red symbol magically embedded on each of them. 


Dezzmar: Runestones, of course! Those in there will spark a decent flame when you activate em’! These ones are cheap, but they'll do just fine! Ya wanna hold it out in your hand and yell "FIRE!" to activate it! My specialty!.

You pick up a stone and marvel at the craftsmanship. Who needs magic when you've got runestone?


Dezzmar: Fire is perfect for scaring those scrappy creatures. Remember, they do NOT like magic, or bright light, come to think of it. Nocturnal creatures with them sensitive eyes, ya know.

You thank Dezzmar for the info. If they’re scared of magic, this’ll be no problem for you!


Dezzmar: I’m being serious here kiddo, these animals may be small, but they can be overwhelming in numbers! Plus, if there is a food shortage, and they get desperate, you might be next on the dinner menu!


Dezzmar: Regardless, you should be travelling by daylight either way, so stay close to the roads and you should be fine! Don’t get too cozy though, you never know when those creatures will sneak up on you!

Night Sky

That’s what Dezzmar told you. Yet, here you are in the dimming light of a dense wooded area. The trees shudder as the icy wind rustles through it, and you begin to pick up strange sounds in the dense trees. Bone chilling clicks and hisses surround you… are they closing in? Make no mistake, a horde of arrow heads is out there… the only question is, have they honed in on your scent?

Arrow Head Calls in the Night - Wyngro
00:00 / 00:00

The sounds grow louder and more frequent-- there's no telling how many are out there! As the growls echo throughout the forest. You are suddenly more conscious of the space around you, hoping nothing suddenly appears to take a swipe at you from the pitch black holes in your vision. 


Terror begins to take its grip on you. Is this really how your journey might end? You have come so far in this world... is this how you will leave it? You shake yourself from these terrible thoughts, trying to regain a sense of survival.


Taking a deep breath, you call upon the words of Dezzmar and decide to act. Magic. They’re scared of magic! Do you have the kind of magic that will help fend them off? Did you secure some runestones if not? Perhaps you could just hide and wait through the night, hoping they won’t find you. They’re also weary of bright lights! Maybe you could use that to your advantage as well.

How will you survive the night?

Rules for Questing:







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