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Quest: Fishing for Boota Begas!


Age Requirement:  Any Age

Other Requirements: None

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: Those new to fishing will have a lot to learn from an old wyngro like Gilligan! He’s always ready to have a fishing partner and wants to help your gro catch a boota bega! Draw your wyngro fishing with Gilligan! The old bird-gro seems to have fallen into another... long tangent that’s pretty … not helpful. Does you Wyngro listen carefully? Fall asleep? Get the heck out of there?


bootabegga sticker.png

Gilligan:  Well hey there! Come down ta the lake ta do some fishin’? Me too! If ya follow me, I can show ya a real nifty fishin’ spot fer this time o’ year, come on!

Now this lake ain’t so bad fer fishin’. But ya know, back in my youth I used to sail the seas, and that sure was one heck of a great time! Lemme tell ya about this time I caught myself a nice huge crescent striker! Now that fish was a freak o’ nature! At least seven foot long with tusks that’d put swords ta shame! No regular fishin’ rod twine could hold the monster, so I had ta go all the way ta a port near Antova an’ get twine woven from the wool o’ spoodles fed Emperor's Bloom silk for somethin that wouldn’t snap with that beast on the line!

Gilligan:  Anywho, With my trusty Karmik-wood rod an’ that special twine, I was ready ta catch the beast! No gro was willin’ ta go with me, (dunno why, the yella bellies) so I had ta go it alone. Just me, me boat, me rod, an’ the sea. And the crescent striker.

It was a stormy night. Lightning and rain taunted my attempt, but I wasn’t turning back. The monster was going ta be my catch, and mine alone. His tusked jaw was gunna be my trophy, or I was gunna be his dinner!

Gilligan:  Eh, I was a tad foolhardy back then, but ya know us sailors, kid. Can't stand ta back down from a challenge!


When I finally hooked ‘im, he took me fer one heck of a ride, nearly half way across the sea! Towin’ me here, there, aft, fore! Practically capsized me nearly a dozen times or more, but my lil’ Lue was a good ship! Not big, but big enough fer me, my rode, and our prize! He thrashed, and tugged, but with a bit o water magic I kept him from completely pullin’ me and my ship under in his last desperate thrashes for freedom!


With a heave up and a quick stab o’ me sword, it was done: the beast vanquished! Oh, I had a heck of a time rowin’ myself and that monster back ta port, and the brute had cracked the hull o’ me lil Lue ta boot. It was a long, leaky ride back, but I still have his tusks in my shack if ya wanna see, right next ta old Blue Tail’s sword.


What, ya never heard of Blue Tail? The Blue Tail, the notorious pirate? Well now, lemme tell ya—

Rules for Questing:



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