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Quest: Beginner's Travel Plans (Step 2)


  • Cramped space.  Butt cramps are real.

  • Costs money.

  • Stranger danger. Very close quarters with gros you may not get along with.

  • Possible motion sickness.


  • One of the safest ways to travel.

  • Move more stuff.

  • Easiest physically. For gros that get tired out easier, this is a must!

  • Faster than walking.

Once they’re packed, it’s time for your gro to choose how they’re going to get to their destination! 

wagon example.png

Shared Wagon

     Most wyngrew take a wagon when traveling between towns. Merchants and traveling-folk alike usually are willing to offer a spot on their wagon if they have room, and some towns with high enough traffic between them have regular wagons running just for transportation alone.


     Wagons offer safety in numbers, and most efficient transportation of goods if your wyngro has a lot of things moving with them. The best part is, they’re usually very affordable! A few coins and you’re offered a seat. Not the most comfortable way to travel, but a good start for a safe trip!

On Foot

   Those who wish to save on coin usually travel with a group of friends by simply walking to closer town destinations.

   This mode of travel requires light packing, and a prepared group in order to traverse the non-nova tree protected regions. So long as the group is large enough, they will be safe enough from most common spites.

travel example.jpg


  • Fun bonding trip time! How many road songs can you sing?

  • FREE! (kind of)


  • Needs a prepared, well-balanced group in order to be safe! Do you have someone prepared to tackle any bothersome spites or foes like bandits & marauders? You’ll need some capable fighters just in case either way!

  • Major planning! Did everyone pack enough food and water for themselves for the trip? Do you have the supplies to camp out at night, and friends willing to keep watch in shifts so nothing sneaks up on all of you?

  • Must bring lasting snacks, or knowledge of edible fauna along the way! (Or the ability to hunt!) Risk of being poisoned or made ill from unsafe foods.

  • Cost of good supplies. (More than what you’d need for a wagon trip.)

Quarry Ori Riding



  • Considered the safest way to travel.

  • Pack a decent amount of supplies on your ori. 

  • Very fast! 

  • Non strenuous on your body!

  • Oris are quick enough to avoid any spite on the roads when running.

    The best, safest way to travel hands down, and the fastest for gros who don't hone wings or are exceptionally speedy in flight. Oris are the fastest domesticated steed known to wyngrew.

You'll need the ori first, of course. Which, is a very large expense in itself! Oris also are very expensive to care for, and need a lot of room to own one. So although the best method, it is also the most expensive. 

Oris also need riders that know what they're doing, and unless the ori is exceptionally bred and trained by an expert, you'll need a decent bond with the particular ori as well in order for it to be a good steed on the road ahead. 

There's nothing better than owning a good ori, so if you have this advantage and aren't planning on moving a ton of stuff, the ori is the best way to travel!


  • Ori maintenance. Watch for injuries, health, and feed your ori on the way! 

  • Using a non-trained ori or one that spooks easily can end in disaster, or you getting stranded or even injured from said ori!

  • Oris still need to rest, and being stationary for too long, can attract spites and bandits.

flying travel.jpg

Air Travel

   Wyngrew with wings can often turn a couple-days trip through rough or forest terrain into a one-day flight, especially if they know wind magic and travel extremely light!

   Most wyngrew who deliver mail are winged for this reason, able to safely avoid most ground-bound spites and travel quickly between townships.  


  • Fastest way to travel!

  • Avoids most spites and common threats.

  • Harder to get lost, as landmarks are far easier to see.

  • Quills can easily push past several hours of flight on a good day, due to their hollow bones and natural wind magic.


  • Can bring very little with you. (little more than the clothes on your back and the coin in your pocket), especially if you don’t want to wear yourself out.

  • Intense physical endurance. Physically fit standard gros can typically be in full flight for around an hour before needing a break.

  • While flight is generally more safe, other flight able gros still exist, and winged bandits are not unheard of. Unless you are prepared for air combat, this is far more dangerous than getting mugged on the ground. 

  • Rest must still be regained on the ground, so those dangerous conditions still apply. 

  • Bad weather can be unpredictable! Prepare for the possibility that you will have no choice but to travel on foot.

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