Quest: Beginner's Travel Plans


Age Requirement:  Adult

Other Requirements: The wyngro must have completed at least 3 Quests before this one!

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: After doing a few odd jobs and brushing up on some skills, it’s high time you see a bit more of the world. Time to make some travel plans!


packing example.png

First and foremost, it’s time to pack! What does your wyngro pack for their trip?  Do they take practical things, or impractical things with them? Do they pack heavy, or light? Just how prepared is your character for travel? Does your wyngro have anyone to say farewell to before they go? Are they leaving anyone or anything behind? 


You must draw your wyngro with a pack/bag/backpack for this step!


Rules for Questing:

Once your drawing is submitted, the quest continues!