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Welcome to Kaylpso's Pet Emporium!

Well hello there and come say hello! They won't bite!

(But I will if you hurt them!!)


Welcome to my little corner of Wynsiph, where I sell well bred companion pets for Wyngrew!

Right now I only sell Runeboos, but I do plan to expand once I can afford to.

So help a sister out and take one of these cuties home with you!

Remember that most of my little Boos are quite young, so you need to be responsible with these baby boos.

Come to me if you have any questions!

To the left here is a quick guide to each Runeboos "Tasty Trait". This is how I gauge their personality. You can use these traits to help find one that will sync well with your Wyngro character!


The top, pink tasty traits are all Runeboos that will be easy to tame and are generally tempered well and suitable for new homes!


The darker, bottom traits are considered more undesirable as they go down. I will never sell you a Toxic personality. These Runeboos are considered fearful and can be dangerous. Please keep in mind that Bitter and Toxic especially need a lot of patience and work to tame them! ​


So let's go check out which little Boos we have available today!


(To purchase a Runeboo, please visit our DeviantArt page to comment and claim a Runeboo you want!)


Sweet - Gentle, Kind


Juicy - Exciting, Fun


Minty - Perky, Chipper


Creamy - Nurturing, Affectionate


Crisp - Cool, Confident


Zesty - Daring, Bold


Savory - Wise, Seasoned


Fresh - Naive, Innocent


Tart - Snide, Witty


Mellow - Lazy, Laid Back


Mild - Apprehensive, Shy


Spicy - Naughty, Sassy


Tangy - Goofy, Idiotic


Salty - Crude, Awkward


Rotten - Obnoxious, Troublesome


Sour - Aloof, Unpleasant


Bitter - Angry, Irritated


Toxic - Aggressive, Threatening

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