Create a Wyngro!

Welcome to the Wyngling Maker! A wyngling is a baby wyngro, and this is how you'll create your first character! 

If you're a new member, you can make your first wyngling for free! After that, you'll need to purchase a Custom Wyngling Ticket from our Store, or obtain one through a gift or trading! 

In order to stop the abuse of multiple accounts and ban evasions, we require that all new members have a DeviantArt account that is at least 3 months old with 3 deviations submitted to it.

We recommend Google Chrome as a browser if you're having issues. Something not working? Right click within the maker itself and select "reload frame"!

Video Guide to making your first wyngro!

All done? Generate your template!

Once you're all done, click the "Generate Template" button on the bottom and it will spit out a template for you to use!  

Right-click the image and save as to your computer. Save it somewhere you remember, so you can reopen it in the art program of your choice!

If you are making a bred wyngling you must use the template given by staff on your egg roll! This also applies to Donated Designs.

The next thing you have to do is draw your own version of this new wyngling! So let's look at some basic anatomy first!

Learning the Anatomy 

The anatomy of a Wyngling (a baby Wyngro) is small & stubby! Think of them like little beans. Their body parts are all very rounded and short, so make sure your wyngling's limbs are very short and their heads are drawn big and baby-like!

"Baby fat"  (Those weird lines on the arms)

Wynglings have very chubby front arms. This fat extends outward from the backs of the arms. Make em' nice and plump!

You do not need to draw the "baby fat rolls/lines", but do make sure their little front arms and nice and plump!

"Mouth Notches" & How they work

Wynglings are not born with teeth, and instead use their sharp, pointed mouth to defend themselves, eat, and break out of their eggs. Only the top of the jaw has these notches. The bottom half is smooth. 

When drawing the mouth, a good thing to keep in mind is that the baby spot levels out with the first "notch" on the mouth. 

What kind of pose should I use?

  • When drawing your new Wyngro, make sure to draw them in a very simple, boring, standing pose!

  • Use a side view like the one on your template! 100% side view! (NO 3/4 head views!)

  • Make sure they are facing the same way!

  • Make sure all four feet are on solid ground!

Eyedropper your colors

See those little tabs? Each one contains an important color placed on your wyngro! When working digitally, make sure to color pick straight from this given pallet.

Please color pick from the boxes here instead of the wyngro, as the colors tend to stray a bit on the Wyngling base!

Drawing on the Template

Once you've gotten your own drawing done, make sure to check off each tab below to make sure that rule was followed! 

If this checklist is not followed, you will need to make adjustments!

You have a Custom Wyngling Ticket before submitting

No pupils

Wyngling is facing in same direction as the template image

Mouth color must be normal: red/pink hue. 

All four feet on the same level ground

White lined-off sclera (no off-whites or light colors)

No Shading or colored lineart. 

Color pick from the template!

Mouth Notch and Baby Spot are accurately drawn

Only draw your wyngro ONCE. No extra art on template

Magic Gland added to the eye accurately, colored black

Make sure you fill out your description correctly

Paws & Claws are defined and easily distinguishable

Added nostrils

Baby fat: Plump and chubby arms

Do not trace other people's art!

Ears are sized correctly

Added round eyebrows

What if I'm a traditional artist?

We kindly ask for the sake of our mods and ease of these approvals, that if you have any way to do digital art, please use digital art for approvals. If this is your only option, however, we are happy to help you get your traditional piece on your template. Here's what you'll need to do:

  • Generate your template using the maker above! 

  • Draw your wyngro traditionally. Make sure to ink your lines so they appear dark in contrast to your colors. 

  • Use as accurate colors as you can on your generated template.

  • Take a photo or scan in your drawing. If you take a photo, make sure to use good lighting. (Going outside during the day will give you the best natural light!) If the photo is too blurry, we may not be able to use it. 

  • Using an art program: (Krita is a great choice for a free art program) crop your photo, make lighting adjustments, and paste it into your template. 

  • If you need further help, our Discord server is always willing to help newbies! 

Submit & Add a Description!

Now all that's left is to add some important info about your Wyngro! Just fill out the form below:



Your wyngro must have a name picked out when you submit it!
This is the name your wyngro will use for all official use for the rest of their life, so choose carefully! (They can go by nicknames or change it for story purposes though)

This your wyngro's biological sex, which must list either Male or Female. They can change genders (what they identify as), but can never change their sex.


All wyngrew created with a Custom Wyngling Ticket are categorized as "Standard". For more info on Subspecies, click here!



Creation means one of 3 things: Custom, Bred and Purchased.

  • Customs are created through Custom Wyngling Tickets (previously referred to as MYOs)

  • Bred wynglings are gotten through the breeding mechanic or obtaining an egg. (More info here)

  • Purchased Wynglings are from Donated Designs bought through Patreon, auctioned through DA, or won through raffles. 


All Custom wynglings are located in "Wynsiph". This is our starter town! If you'd like to unlock Travel for a wyngling, you must purchase a Travel Ticket from our shop, and apply it after the wyngling is approved.
For more info on Travel, click here!

Add your wyns!

Lastly, you'll need to add your wyns to your description! If this is your very first Wyngro, it will appear as: 3/3 wyns

Counting wyns is essential in Wyngro for being able to upgrade your wyngro and participate! 

Get it approved!

You're nearly there, but you're not official yet! It's now time to submit your wyngling for approval! 

Join our Discord server and find the designated channels #myo_approvals & #bred_approvals to submit your wynglings!

Need More Help?

Whew! That sure is a lot to take in! Need additional help getting your Wyngro approved? 

Discord Server Help

Click on the button above to join our server channel "NEWBIES", where you can post your art to see if it will be approved, and staff can even visually draw over your art to help show you what you need to do! 

You won't be able to access the entire server until you have at least one Wyngro approved, but this channel will be able to help get you there!

What do I do now?

It's important to be patient while a member of staff is able to reply to you and check your approval over. 

During this time, please do not draw your new character in case changes may be needed. (We know you're excited!) 

While you're waiting, we suggest checking out the rest of the website and poking around the group! There is an endless amount of information to take in, and lots of art to see! So you this time to come up with story ideas and be inspired by the artists around you!