Once you make your own Wyngro, you are encouraged to have them interact with other artist’s Wyngro characters, and begin to develop their personality! (While hopefully meeting new artist friends and being social!)

You do not have to be social, but be prepared to have other people draw your Wyngro sporadically too! We promote and reward gift art here!


There are several things to do at Wyngro. Check out the Upgrades List and see all the neat things you can end up adding to your Wyngro once they grow up! Once you have a goal in mind, you can draw towards a certain upgrade. But many people just draw regardless and pick out upgrades later-- it’s up to you!

We promote every kind of art here, but Wyngro is mostly visual based art. While we reward and encourage extra storytelling effort, most prompts are drawing based. We also like to see effort and improvement. While you do not need to use Wyngro group as a method to improve your art, we highly encourage it! But feel free to use Wyngro as a ‘break’ from commissions and focus-based art as well if you are a professional.


While Wyngro are “dragon” based, they can end up looking very different from their starting point by acquiring all sorts of different animal-like upgrades. While there really is no logical reason to why upgrades would be popping up all over each Wyngrew, It's just a creative character thing within the group.

A lot of people will come up with their own reasons for upgrade, such as a horn slowly growing, or scars appearing for certain reasons, etc. (Maybe new ears were always like that?) It’s up to you how you want the world around your Wyngro to perceive them! (I personally like to imagine upgrades growing in slowly or always being there for realism)

How to say, pronounce, and use the name:

Wyngro - (Win-GROW) Meaning one single Wyngro. This can also refer to any age.


Wyngrew - (Win-GREW) This is the plural way to say “many Wyngro”. There is never an S at the end of this (Wyngrews)

For example, a single mouse is a mouse, but several are called “mice”. (You don’t say mices)


Wyngling - (Wing-Ling) A Baby Wyngro. This is only referred to a Wyngro that has not “grown up” yet. From a hatchling to right before puberty. Wynglings is the plural form.


Community (both artists and characters)

The community of the Wyngro group is welcoming and encouraging to all artists. We accept all forms of art and skill levels. There is never any need to be discouraged, only inspired by those around you! We encourage other members to step in and help another member if needed, either with questions or art development. Among all else, though, we pride members on attitude. Please be courteous to not only staff, but other members! This means avoiding the use of sarcastic jibes, unpleasant replies, and even discouraging comments. We are always reading through submission comments and interactions, so please do your best to simply be kind to your fellow member!

Rude or attacking comments will be reprimanded with warnings and could even result in a banning from the group if things are bad enough. We want Wyngro to be a drama-free environment that everyone can enjoy.


For more rules and overall Wyngro "Ettiquete", Click HERE. (Link not yet available)

How do I Start?

The first thing you'll want to do is make your OWN Wyngro! To get started with that, click the button below, as well as some other guides you'll want to take a look at in order to establish yourself within the group!


How to Use Wyns