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Please note: This page is currently no longer relevant and existed when Wyngro was a actively run community for artists!

It exists as an old space you can visit, but no longer functions in the same way. Thank you for understanding.


Imps are a rare subspecies of wyngrew. Due to their genetics, these elegant wyngrew have some limitations to what upgrades they can get, additionally, some of them come easier to Imps!

When upgrading your Imp be sure to refer to this page as some requirements may be different than with standards.

Don't know what an Imp is?

Find out all you need to know about these elegant Wyngrew over here!


If an upgrade is not here, check the Incompatible Species Upgrades HERE!


Double Dew Claws

Can your wyngro do the dew?

Wyns needed: 0

Age Requirements: 1 Month


  • Can be placed on back feet only!​

  • Can be base, secondary or accent color upon application.

  • Double Dew Claws always appear as claws and sharp / pointed, even on pawed feet.

  • When applying this upgrade, please list your gro's egg# if they are not a pure imp.


Colored Imp Nose

Would you like a colorful sniffer?


Wyns needed: 200

Age Requirements: 1 month

Drawing Requirements: Draw your imp sniffing the air for something! Is it tasty? Foul?

Drawing Requirement can be a Sketch, Colored Piece, or Polished Piece.


  • Once you unlock this upgrade, you can change the color of your imp's nose! 

  • Make sure 5 drawings are done between each color change!

  • Must be one solid color always. 

  • Learn more about Imps here!


Imp Mane

Baby you're born with it, you don't need no requirements~


Wyns needed: 0



  • All Imps are born with this.If you wish to remove it, simply follow the Switcher-Ditcher Upgrade requirements.

  • Can be combined with shaggy fur

  • Fur can't be curly/wooly

  • On a wyngling, the Imp Mane stops at the back of the neck / above the shoulders until they grow up!

imp_armor (1).png

Imp Armor

You ARE the real deal!


Wyns needed: 100

Age Requirements: 6 Months


  • Markings can go on Imp Armor, but cannot "bleed" out, be intersected and/or be "cut off" by them.

  • You must have the amount of plates shown, no more, no less.

  • Can be base, secondary, or accent when applied.

  • You can apply to all areas shown, or only both arms, or only the back. (You cannot add to only one arm)

  • Bastion/Razor Shall, Rugged Fin, Leaf Plates, Back Spikes, Imp Mane, Back or Butt Wings cannot be applied with back portion of Imp Armor. 

  • Imp Armor cannot go on quad Ori Legs.

Imp Whiskers

Like a mustache, only elegant.


Wyns needed: 100

Age Requirements: 2 Months

  • The Imp Whisker 'tips' can be Base, Secondary, Accent color, or Elegant Hair Color!

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