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Wyngro: Become Human 


Haven't you always wanted your wyngro to look more like you?


Are you sure?

Well scroll down below. We're sure you'll soon realize these are upgrades that you didn't even know you wanted so bad until now. 


Long Digits

Now you can legit flip people off.


Stab Wounds Needed: 28

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro having an existential crises.


  • Must have 27 bones in each human hand.

  • Able to bowl, stab, play the clarinet, etc. 

  • When applying this upgrade, your gro must be face-palming. 

  • Lost Limb is required for each finger. 

  • Their existential crises must be about existing.


Cleft Chin

No one's got a swell cleft in his chin like my gro~!


Wyns Needed: 40

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro on your chin, like this!


  • Use washable markers, unless you wanna make a fashion statement at work/school the next day. 

  • Hats and stick on fake ears are highly recommended. 

  • Google eyes are always recommended. 

  • Don't forget the MAGIC GLANDS!!!


Special Eyes



Wyns Needed: 111

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro looking, looking with their special eyes! what do they see?


  • Can't blink... always staring.

  • Eyelashes are prehensile.

  • Watch out for floaters.


Luscious Lips

Pucker up for safety, pucker up!


Wyns Needed: 80

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro running away from a rogue rattle cow while wearing high heels. 


  • At least 5 inch heels. No platforms!

  • Lips must always be in "duck face" form. 

  • Can only be shades of cherry, brick, or tomato red.

  • Completely smear-proof

  • A helpful guide to high heel heights: HERE


Long Lobes

Do your lopes hang low?


Wyns Needed:  15

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your gro whispering a secret into another gro's ear. Oooooo~


  • Lobes can be as long or as short as you want.

  • FAQs: Can you tie them in a knot? Yes.
    Can you tie them in a bow? No. 



They just can't get my nose right!


Wyns Needed:  12

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro doin sneeze so big they blow down a straw, stick, and brick house.  


  •  Houses must be inhabited by 3 little puckoos.

  • The puckoo also have schnozes now. Congrats!

  • When applying this upgrade, draw your wyngro diggin' for treasure! 

  • Your gro may now achieve the Death upgrade through mummification if they prefer. 


Villainous Mustache

Drat, drat and double drat!


Wyns Needed:  50

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your wyngro tying another wyngro to the train tracks. 


  • Your wyngro's plan must be foiled

  • Your wyngro's new stash also comes with an evil black hat. 

  • Your gro must be seen twisting their mustache contemplatively when you apply it. 


Massive Abs

Man I'm pretty~!


Wyns Needed: 80

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your gro flexing at the beach for some babes.


  • You could also draw your gro flexing so hard they bust right out of their shirt if you want. 

  • Nipples are against the LAW. 

  • No fur allowed. Must see the slick abs. 

  • Able to punch a boulder out of the way when in a volcano. 


Hot Leggy

Leg so hot.

Hot hot leg. 

Leg so hot you fry an egg. 


Wyns Needed:  200

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your gro in an extreme yoga pose. 


  • Make sure to include an egg in there somewhere. 

  • Inspire to become the Wii-Fit Trainer. 

  • T posing is not a fucking yoga pose. 


Cheeky Tail

Did you want to ass me a question?


Wyns Needed: 12

Drawing Requirements: 

Draw your gro using fire magic with their ass.

You know what I mean.


  • If your gro has freckles, then their Cheek Tail also gets freckles.

  • If your gro has spike cheeks, then their Cheeky Tail may also have spikes. 

  • Also can be applied to wynglings. 

  • Permanent immaturity unlocked. 

Somewhat Not Human Upgrades

What are these doing here?! These aren't beautiful human-like upgrades? EW. 

You're gonna have to do some things around your human house if you want these gross upgrades. 


Boogaloo Tail



Wyns Needed:  300

Drawing Requirements: 

Create a wyngro puppet show, voice act it, video tape it, and upload it, and make us laugh!


  • Link your video in a description of an image of your desired wyngro staring down their new tail.

  • Do not have to use the wyngro your applying the tail to in your puppet show.

  • Video must make us laugh.

  • Video must be at least 20 seconds long.

  • Video must have at least two characters in it.

  • One of the characters must be a wyngro. The other can be a spoodle or whatever. 

  • The socks must somewhat resemble your gros. (Or NPCs) Add button eyes? paper ears? marker? LET'S GET CREATIVE!

  • Be prepared to possibly destroy some socks.

  • Only the highest quality of puppet shows will be accepted for high quality Boogaloo Tail.

  • This tail is appropriate for ALL AGES!

  • Do not change one thing about this tail's look. It is too perfect.


Stick Arms

What's brown and sticky?


Wyns Needed: 300

Drawing Requirements: 

Must make at least 3 gros out of sticks.


  • As long as it's somewhat recognizable as a wyngro shape it's fine. 

  • No pets or animals. Only wyngrew. 

  • The sticks must be held together with twine, string, glue, or what-have-you.

  • You must hang the stick-gro in a tree or visible place where people you know can see it.

  • Do not explain it.

  • Make sure it looks weird and creepy.

  • Take a photo of where you hung the stick-gros and post them to the group's gallery. 

  • You must log someone's reaction to the stick gros in the artist's description or it won't count.

  • Don't ask questions. Just do it. 

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