What is Wyngro?

Welcome to the magical world of Wyngro!

Wyngro is a community hosted on DeviantArt that is based around a dragon-like species that can grow and gain “upgrades” from your personal participation as an artist! We host many events and drawing prompts to encourage you and promote artistic growth!

Think of Wyngro like a game, where you earn special rewards for drawing and developing your character! It's kind of like someone took old-school Neopets/Gaia/pet sites of old and threw all the creative and community aspects into a blender.

The Wyngro group was designed for artists who enjoy creating and developing fun and interesting original characters. Our goal is to encourage people to be creative, have fun, and connect with other artists.

Your wyngro starts as a basic, simple looking baby (wyngling), but as you draw and develop ideas for them, you'll be encouraged to write stories, tweak their designs, make friends for them, teach them magic, and so much more!

To learn more, check out the NEWBIE GUIDE!


Wanna help support this project? Wyngro relies on patrons and sales to help fund many its on-going progress, including this website, our DeviantArt subscriptions, commissioned artists, and a all future projects that allow Wyngro to maintain activity and grow!

Thank you!


Why Join Wyngro?

  • Encourages creativity and motivation to draw!

  • Professional, friendly staff always willing to help you with mechanics and anatomy!

  • New features and community are frequently appearing!

  • A way to make new friends! Collab, roleplay, and plot with fellow members!

  • Build and develop in-depth characters, and get rewarded to do so!

  • A long-standing history: Wyngro has been engaging and active for over 7 years, meaning you can rely on it always being there for you to participate in!