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Ready to enter the next stage of your wyngro's life?


Introducing the new "Elder" stage! When becoming an elder, your wyngro will gain access to an assortment of upgrades that ONLY an elder can get! Check out all of the possibilities below!

How to I grow my wyngro into an elder?


Easy! Pick up the template by clicking on the image to the left! Just draw your wyngro as a spry adult in the left box, and then a wrinkly geezer on the right! In order to truly craft your elder, we're even allowing you to use up to 3 FREE UPGRADES listed below in your approval app! (Except for Saggy Ears & Molting Ears!) Mix and match any way you want. There's no limit to the possibilities of getting old! (Well, except death, but don't worry about that)

Then, get them approved in the #elder_approvals channel in our Discord server! We can't wait to see all your new and shiny old folks!

Elder Upgrades!



Can you count the lines on nana's face?


Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro ranting about the "kids these days".


  • What thing do young gros do that they just can't stand?

  • Do not reference bulldogs for inspiration. 

  • Comes with a faint Lysol smell. 


Liver Spots

Hide the pain.


Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro in one of the many classic Harold stock photo poses. 



Unlimited Elbow Spikes



Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro using a stairlift. 


  • The more spikes you add, the more stairs they will need to climb. 

  • Beware of gremlins. 

  • As tempting as it is, please do not use your newfound powers to stab the young people. 


Hip Unlimited Clothing

How do you do, fellow kids?


Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw a mockup of your wyngro's Facebook account page. 


  • Because everyone knows that Facebook is where all the young people gather!

  • Your wyngro's friends will likely get spammed by a fake Facebook account, so make sure to look out for scammers. 

  • Make sure your wyngro makes lots of posts with minion memes.


Fabulous Elegant Hair

You look gorgeous!


Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro baking cookies with a wyngling. 


  • Make sure there are way too many cookies to feasibly eat. 

  • Hair styles come in both grey and white! 



Do not pass go! Do not collect $200!


Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro paying for something with a check instead of a card. 


  • Must be for a purchase under $5. 

  • Bonus points for adding the NPC: Rudy.

  • Bonus bonus points for drawing a line of wyngrew behind them. 



Salutations, Sir Stache. 


Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro giving unsolicited advice to a stranger.


  • Yes,  this mustache is actually made of nose hairs. 

  • Let that sink in. 


Walking Stick

Otherwise known as a third leg. (It's really not)


Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro yelling at wynglings to get of their lawn!! 


  • Damn whippersnappers have no respect! 

  • Can be combined with Unlimited Clothing. 

  • Can also be used to get pickled beets from the top shelf. 



Haff amyome feen mah teef?


Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro going to bed before 4PM.


  • Removable teeth is now achievable!

  • Can be used to create a diversion. 

  • Gold tooth edition at 1000 wyns. 


Hearing Aid



Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro playing bingo. 


  • Hang on, we can't read the rules. 

  • Let me try something. 

  • Adjusting.... one second. Okay I think that


  • Okay there we go. What was the number again?


Midlife Crises 

When you just need something new in your life.


Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro investing in a new ridiculous hobby. 


  • Your wyngro can buy anything they want, as long as they blow all of their retirement savings on it. 

  • Upgrade is loose and flexible for picking up many hobbies, and may include but is not limited to: getting involved in the stock market, crypto currency, purchasing a new car, 70's band memorabilia, cruise ships, a summer home you can't afford, opening a tappery, and more. 


Comb-Over Hair



Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro in The Simpsons art style.


  • Your wyngro must be a dad. 

  • Your wyngro must have a job at a powerplant. 

  • Your wyngro must fantasize about donuts often. 


Back Pain

My achin' back!


Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Draw your wyngro complaining about back pain. 


  • Bipedal only! 

  • Is this an upgrade?

  • Comes with a free coupon to your local chiropractor. 


Saggy Pouch

Damn. Grandma's been around the block!


Wyns Needed: 0

Requirements: Call your grandma and tell her you love her. 


  • If you have no grandparents, call your parents and tell them you love them. 

  • If you have no parents, find an old person on the street tell them you love them. 

  • Can be used to store various supplies, such as but not limited to: Altoids, knitting needles, framed pictures of your grandchildren, Insurance cards, newspapers, etc. 



Ohhh look how big you've grown! Come here!


Wyns Needed: 0

Requirements: Draw your wyngrro pinching a wyngling's cheeks!


  • They cannot flap. Not a flying jowl.

  • Warning: Do not stick your head out of the car with the window rolled down. 

Special Subspecies Editions!

You didn't think we'd leave our subspecies out of the fun, did you? Below are some great ideas for our Finn & Quills, but you can apply these to any wyngro you'd like! These ones are rather special, so make sure to apply them during our senior discount this week, before they're harder to get later!


Molting Ears

I'm molting, I'm molting! Oh what a world.


Saggy Ears

When you need some sag in your life.

Wyns Needed: 0

Drawing Requirements: Have someone over the age of 40 draw something wyngro related. Have them write your DeviantArt username on the picture somewhere. Take a picture of them holding up their creation! 


  • Your elder artist must have their face visible in the photo.

  • Does not have to be uploaded to DeviantArt! Just make sure to upload it to our Discord server in #applications!

  • Feel free to explain what they were drawing if it's hard to make out! The drawing must be somewhat illegible! 

  • Example #1!      Example #2!

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