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Egg Designing!

Everything you wanted to know about Wyngro eggs!

Wyngrew both hatch from eggs and nurse their young.

Eggs can have all sorts of different colors and patterns, so this guide will explain on how to design one!

Wyngro eggs are hard shelled eggs, much like chicken eggs! Although unlike a delicate chicken egg, Wyngrew eggs have a very thick, sturdy shell. This allows an egg to survive traveling, handling, being moved frequently, and so on. A Wyngro egg has been known to survive quite amazing journies. They can even survive being dropped on a hard surface, but this can result in issues with development.

An unborn Wyngling has a defined overbite so that it can use the pointed spike on its beak to break the hard shell, but that alone cannot crack it.

A Wyngro egg will actually start glowing red when it's about to hatch. This is a natural reaction the unborn Wyngling has in order to heat the inside of its shell. Doing this will soften the egg from the inside out, thus making it easier to crack and escape from. Many Wyngrew believe this is why the "Increase Body Temperature" ability is often one of the easiest for young Wyngrew to learn. Because it's the first kind of magic they use in their lives.

So now let's have a look at how to COLOR your egg!

Just like all MYO Wynglings, your egg should also have one prominate base color that takes up the most color on the shell.

Secondary colors, (including white) Can be added as large spots, bands, and so on. Unless the Wyngro is born with stripes, they do not appear on an egg, however.

Your Wyngro's accent color can appear on the egg! Accent colors always appear as tiny dapples speckled upon the surface.

An egg can be very plain-- just the base color. It can have large spots, only dapples, bands, or all! So long as the base color is always more prominate!

There are many options to go with, so let's look at some examples using pre-existing Wynglings!

Imp Eggs are remarkable for the armor plating.

This feature is only seen on pure Imp eggs, and is rarely seen these days due to the purity of Imps being very scarce.

And that's all there is to it! Happy egg designing! :D

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