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Story Quest: Cubby Sitting


- Chance at MYO Ticket!

- Plus additional prizes!


NPC You Play:  Nymble

Month Running: June (Timer on the front page)

Prerequisites: None

Briefing: Nymble keeps getting in trouble making a mess around the Nook. In order to keep him busy and hopefully teach him a lesson in responsibility, Alma tasks him with babysitting the adorable, yet difficult youngster named Cubby.

But what kind of shenanigans will Cubby get into while Nymble attempts to keep the bumbling red blunder, as well as himself, out of trouble?


Alma was at her wit's end, looking over a scene of devastation, and Nymble right in the middle of said devastation. 

A familiar sight. 

Alma: Nymble… even though you don’t even live at the Nook anymore, (thank chii’falla) you still manage to give me a headache whenever you come over to play with your friends. What on earth were you doing with all those pillows?

Nymble: Well you see! We were using them as a pile so we could… slide down the stairs and land on! A typical, relatively harmless wyngling activity really, nothing you wouldn’t see from any other wyngling I’d say!

Alma: Get to the point, Nymble ...

Nymble: Right so, I was going a little fast down the banister and uh, just thought I would use some innocent, harmless wind magic so stop myself and-- 

Alma: Nymble! I told you not to use magic at ALL in this building from now on!

Nymble: I know! I’m sorry! It was just a reaction! (But then it turned into fire magic and well…)

Alma: That’s it… I’m going to have to inform your uncle--

Nymble: NOO!! Don’t tell Azoth! Please! I’ll do anything! ANYTHING to make up for this! Please!! Just tell me what to do!

Alma: …. *strokes chin*

Nymble stood in the kitchen of the Nook, looking unimpressed as a rather large wyngling squibbled around in his arms excitedly. Alma was going off a checklist in her hands as Nymble struggled to contain the little red butterball he was holding.

Alma: Now, when you’re out with Cubby, make sure he doesn’t do the following: No running off, no doing barrel rolls into unsuspecting gros, no eating things that are not edible, no pointing to gros and calling out what flavor they remind him of, no climbing onto surfaces taller than a mailbox, no rolling eggs out of the hatchery and shouting 'FREEDOM’, no playing dead near the nova tree, no licking the nova tree, actually just keep him away from the nova tree…

Nymble: *sigh* I get it. Keep him out of trouble and don’t lose him.

Alma: And you have to keep him busy and out of the Nook until the sun goes down.

Nymble: *cries* Are you sure there’s not ANYTHING else I can do to make it up instead? This wyngling is dumber than a bag of bricks! 

Cubby: I love bricks!

Alma: *ahem* Hello Azoth! Oh Nymble? Well let me tell you, he did have a little incident today involving magic, actually… 

Nymble: ALRIGHT OKAY! ... I’ll do it ...

Alma:  *Scoots him out of the Nook with Cubby and shuts the door* Have fun you two! 
*Turns around, ready for a mini vacation*
Ahhh, finally. 

Nymble stood in the center square with Cubby, the red winged wonder, struggling to comprehend what he’d gotten himself into. 

Cubby was currently occupied with a snap pop treat, nomming away at the stick part and getting pink goopy liquid all  over his claws.

This wyngling acted like a newborn, but he was starting to grow into his adult skin and therefore was heavy, fast, and really hard to keep track of. No one ever wanted to look over Cubby. It was almost like receiving the worst chore for the week, except 10 bajillion times worse. 

Because it was Cubby. 

Nymble:  *covers his face with a hand* Oye… so what do you want to do then, Cubby?

Cubby: Smubble?

Nymble:  ...Eh? What’s a smubble? 

Cubby:  *attack hugs Nymble’s leg* Smubble!!

Nymble: Ack! Watch the claws! *tries to shake him off* Look we could do lots of things. You want to go shopping? We could look at the food stalls today. Mmmm food. 
Or we could go swimming at Palmino Lake, go hiking in the woods, visit Mrs. Netty and Zagor, see the animals at Lasso’s farm…

Nymble:  Are you even listening to these options or?

Nymble looked around for Cubby, but the little squirt had already disappeared! 
Alma wasn’t kidding when she said to keep an extra pair of eyes on him at all costs. 
Before Nymble started to panic, however, he looked down the see a trail of pink goopy claw tracks, and quickly pursued them before Cubby could get into any trouble. 

And therefore, not getting in trouble with Alma himself.

And therefore, not getting in trouble with Azoth.

He needed to find Cubby at all costs.

Nymble:  CUBBBYYY!! Please don’t be doing anything dangerous or obscene until AFTER the sun goes down!! 

Rules for Questing:

  • Make sure your drawing conforms with our "Polished Piece Guide"!

  • Join as a member of Wyngro-Fans group.

  • Submit your piece to our "Quest Gallery" found here! (Wyngro-fans gallery, NOT main group!)

  • Submissions to this Story Quest may also be submitted into “Quests” folder in the main Wyngro group as well, if members want to count them for wyns!  "Quest Gallery" found here! 

  • Draw a scene with both Nymble and Cubby! (Click on their names to see their references!) 

  • Draw a scene portraying Cubby getting into some crazy shenanigans, and Nymble trying to stop him! You can involve any location in Wynsiph except for the Nook! You may include any NPC in the piece or idea. User wyngrew can be included, but only as background characters! 

  • Extra points for adding wyngro lore, comics, animations, detailed single shot pieces, good composition, detailed shading, good story-telling, humor, keeping characters in-character, and just generally showing off your skills! 

  • You may submit as many entries for this Story Quest as you’d like!

  • All Entries to this story quest will be able to be used by Wyngro for purposes including but not limited to: website use, official group use, displaying around the community, etc. 

  • We will pick our favorites at the end of the Quest and display them forever on the website in a gallery! You contribute to the story and help the characters evolve! 

  • The ending is revealed after the story quest is closed.

  • At least two winners will receive a free MYO Ticket! More prizes may or may not be awarded depending on participation! 

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