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Story Quest: Cubby Sitting Ending

Nymble watched the sun glow through the mountains as it sunk further down, transitioning Wynsiph into mellow twilight. He sighed heavily, looking down at the red lump of a wyngling at his feet. 

After such an insane day of chasing this kid around, from one shenanigan to the next, all Nymble wanted to do was drop him off and go back home to sleep for the next 12 hours. He couldn’t remember when the last time he’d felt so exhausted. 

He briefly wondered if this was how Alma felt sometimes. Maybe there was a moral in this somewhere? 

Nymble: Okay, no more running off, right Cubby? You promised.

Cubby: Yep Yep, I promise. *nods quickly*

Cubby: Smubble? *reaches his arms up to Nymble*

Nymble: Why do you keep saying that anyways?

Nymble finally gave in, reaching down with the last of his energy to pick the big old baby up into his arms. He swore this wyngling was heavier than a 40 lb bag of flour. 

Cubble: Smubble! *wraps his clawed arms around Nymble’s neck happily*

Nymble: Ack! Can’t breath…! 

Alma: Oh welcome back Nymble! Darn, is it sundown already?

Nymble: Har har. Here, I did your ‘favor’ okay?

Nymble sauntered in, holding Cubby over his shoulders, who was fast asleep at this point. He carefully rolled the red lump into Alma’s arms, who looked surprised to see the wyngling so wiped out. 

Alma: Thank you Nymble. I knew you could do it. No more magic in the Nook now, okay?

Nymble: Lesson learned. I’m gonna go hibernate now for the rest of the summer. 

Cubby: *yawns* Smubble?

Nymble: Why does he always say that?

Alma: … His mother used to use that word with him. It means he misses her and wants a hug.

Nymble: …Oh.

Cubby: Smubble tomorrow? 

Nymble: I uh… got magic practice tomorrow, sorry…

Cubby: ..............?

Nymble: ...Smubble next week?

Cubby: .........!!

Alma: Awww look at you, gettin’ all sentimental. 

Nymble: Stop. 


Plus more!



Thank you all for participating in our very first Story Quest! We hope you all had fun, and enjoy your novas and adorable new sticker! 

Congratulations to ALL!

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