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Cressport is not currently OPEN to members!

We're excited to develop new towns and introduce them to the world of Wyngro! 

However, as these towns develop, please remember that you may only use Wynsiph in the group at this time while we work on new towns. Thank you for your excitement and patience!


Cressport, otherwise known as “The Blue City”, gets its name from the beautiful blue wood used in the construction of all of its buildings and furniture.  The local trees have a bright blue sap, that while too bitter to make into a drink, can be used to dye all sorts of things a rich blue, including the trees that produce it.  


The city is much larger than Wynsiph, and as a port town it’s an active trading hub for many exotic goods. Seafaring wyngrew are a common sight here!


It sees a lot more variety in wyngrew, with exotic types coming in from all over through the port.  If you happen to be traveling down here, a trip to the marketplace is a must to see all of the fancy imported goods available.  Be careful though, the trader's here have much more experience than Wynsiph's tend to, and their sharp eye can easily spot an inexperienced negotiator, a foolish tourist, or a potential thief.


The wyngrew who live in town tend to be much more religious than the average Wynsiph wyngro, and the towns shining structure is the massive Luxhallow church on the eastern side of town.  Many go there to pray for a good day at the market, for general luck, and for safety at sea.  The town's Hatchery is a fairly religious place itself, and many of the wynglings raised there are taught to have a great respect for Luxhallow, even if they choose not to follow it.


NPCs that reside in Cressport







Cressport Hatchery

The Cressport hatchery is located deep within the western side of town.  The owner of it, Elga, runs the place very strictly, and has a strict 'no fun' policy as far as any of her charges can see.  There isn't much in the building besides the most essential of things.  The bedrooms are lined with beds, the hatching room has a place for the eggs to sit, the dining room has tables and chairs.  Beyond the minimal furnishings, the only other things of note are the many religious symbols in the building.  

The cressport hatchery was once a church of its own, converted to a hatchery after the church on the other side of town became wildly successful.  The architecture still shows the fanciful arches and the occasional stained glass window, and Elga keeps the symbol of Chii'falla displayed in several areas.  The repurposed rooms have long since stripped down from their original furnishings and given a more utilitarian design. The study rooms in the higher floors were converted to bedrooms, and the old aisles of the church were replaced by long tables for everyone to eat at, but on occasion the room is still used for its old purpose.


Cressport Hatchery is much different than the Nook back in Wynsiph. 

Here are an array of characters that will help develop the town until it's ready to be released! Stay tuned for more!

More coming soon!

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